Marty Breeden: “THE MATCH HAS BEEN LIT!”

Just a few hours ago, Marty Breeden posted an incredible dream that he just had on Facebook.

In this dream, an angel had quite an ominous warning to share with him.

Could it be possible that this has something to do with the attempt that we just witnessed to divide the land of Israel?

Here is Marty’s dream…


I wasn’t originally going to share this, but I really feel like I need to.

Last night I had a dream
It was very brief, but very profound!

I was standing in a room, a very dark room.
I was standing there with my eyes closed and when I opened my eyes up, there was this incredible being standing in front of me.
He had solid white hair and he had blue eyes that were piercing!

And I just looked at him and he looked at me and I could sense the presence of God and I can’t explain it, how I knew this …I knew he was an angel sent from heaven.

He said:
” I have something to tell you… are you listening?”

I said:
“Yes I am listening!”
He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a match box.
He slowly opened the match box and he pulled out a match.

He then took the match and quickly struck it on the side of the match box and he lit it.

He then held the match up,
RIGHT DIRECTLY in front of my face and eyes !!
The match was burning brightly.
He then said: