Marty Breeden: “There Was Nothing Normal About Life Now”

2020 sure has been a chaotic year so far, and even though many are craving a return to “normal”, that is not likely to happen for the foreseeable future.

In fact, life is probably going to get even crazier in the weeks and months to come.

Marty Breeden posted a dream on his Facebook page earlier today, and I would love to hear what you all think this might mean…

Dream May 12, 2020

Last night for the first that I can recall, I seemed to have a dream that confirmed what I had been sensing from the Spirit of the Lord.


It seemed that for a brief time, everything had somewhat return to “normal”.
However, I found out quickly, there was nothing normal about life now.

It appeared that I had met some relatives at a theme park.
We were all intending on enjoying the day.
However, EVERYTHING was different.
The workers attitudes were different.
They seemed cold, even harsh.

Their demeanor had changed. Even the other park attendees were seemed to have this deep rage and anger.

At one point, one of the park employees begin to get mean with one of my relatives and I took issue with them and before I knew it I was being escorted by authorities to a room.

Finally I said;
“Well ENOUGH of this non-sense!”
And I gathered my family to leave the park.
On the way home, we begin to notice Fighter jets in the skies above us.
I observed that not all of them were American.
We began to see massive movements of Military assets and again, they were not all American.

Suddenly there begin to be engagement between several forces and I knew that we were going to be caught up in this as well before we could make it home.

(In my dream, things took a very strange turn here!)
I now begin to see troops. Mostly foreign troops, but they were accompanied by a host of demonic forces as well!

I can say that I saw both Chinese and Russians troops and hordes of demons accompanying them.
Personally I knew that to keep my family safe, that I too was going to have to engage in this battle….and I did!

I noticed throughout the dream, even during some of the heaviest combat, that although I saw many slain and many fall all around me, that I was able to keep myself and my family from harm, no matter how close the enemy got!

I recall at some point arriving what I can only describe as a “safe place” with other fellow believers.
We talked about the war, the casualties and we then begin to make strategic plans of our own, but also how to not only survive, but also how to go on the offensive…..

As I was having this conversation with a fellow brother in the Lord, who I did not know….
Suddenly we were engaged again and we started fighting back….

I awoke…..

I believe much of this dream is spiritual and figurative with great implications as far as where we are now and what is coming.
However, I also believe that much of this dream is literal and that we will go to war with both Russia and China in the near future!

As always, take this to the Lord!!!