Marty Breeden’s Dream Of The Coming Tsunami

For years, men and women of God all across America have been receiving dreams and visions about a coming tsunami.  As I have detailed on this site, both coasts will be hit by massive tsunamis, and the one on the east coast will be hundreds of feet tall.

With that in mind, I would like you to consider a very powerful tsunami dream that Marty Breeden just had…

Dream October 26, 2019
“TSUNAMI and arrogant owner”

Last night I had a short but detailed dream:

First I walked into this large office building. It was beautiful and ornate.
I had a message from God to deliver.
I walked into the man’s office, his entire back wall was made of glass, that was overlooking the ocean.

He was neatly dressed and comfortably smoking a cigar.
I told him:


As I spoke this, he begin to laugh and mock and make fun and even physically gesturing to mock….he literally said:

“Shut up with all that nonsense and get out of my office now!”

I turned to walk away, started down the hall…then IMMEDIATELY heard the Spirit of the Lord tell me to:


With Godly boldness I walked back in. I looked behind him as I was standing there and the skies begin to grow darker and darker!

I saw what must have been a wall of water hundreds and hundreds of feet high coming directly toward his office!!!!

All I said was (and I never say things like this)….was :


The man turned to look and I could see the abstract fear grip his being!
BEFORE he could even make it around his desk the Tsunami hit and I heard and saw the breaking glass and he was drown asunder!

I was supernaturally lifted up out of the area and escaped unharmed…

I awoke…