Marty Breeden’s “Sudden Attack” Dream

Marty Breeden just posted another dream that I think everyone should see.

In this dream, America is attacked, and there is immense death and destruction.

I know that most people don’t understand this, but so many of the things that God has been showing His people are rapidly approaching, and most people will be caught totally off guard.

Here is Marty’s dream…

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Last night/early morning I had a very sobering dream.
What made this dream so different was that it was as if it was a dream in a dream.
I will share it in a second, but in my dream, I was fast asleep.
I woke up, looked at the clock and it said 6:06 (I’m assuming A.M. since it would be unlikely for me to be in bed at 6PM)…

I then had the dream I’m about to share, and in my dream I awoke and looked at the clock again and it said 6:07.

I was standing on a very large front porch.
It would appear to be a huge governmental building.
This building seemed to have an older look to it, as it was brick and had huge white columns and a large white steeple or structure that reached far into the sky and a clock embedded high up.

Myself and many others were waiting to attend a meeting.
I’m not sure if it was a church meeting or if it was a town hall meeting or a governmental meeting we were all just waiting to attend.

There were several things that caught my attention the first thing was there was a very diverse group of people waiting to attend this meeting.
There were obviously people that were dressed very well and seemingly sophisticated and then there were many others who we were more like myself, just plain country folk.

I also happen to notice a diverse group of trees. There were pine trees, palm trees, fruit trees etc…


We begin to feel the very ground shake beneath our feet.
Everyone got quiet and just stopped and looked at each other.
Then we begin to hear the sound of a very loud roar it was getting closer and closer and closer!

I then begin to hear people in the crowd begin to PANIC!!

“Oh my Lord!!! What is this? What is that noise? What is that sound?”

Suddenly that which was causing the noise NOW APPEARED!!
It was a large armada of fighter jets, cruise missiles, and drones completely filling the skies !!!

I could see them very clearly and they had a writing on them that I did not understand, but it was clearly not American!

Then I began to see American fighter jets pursuing some of this foreign weaponry.
These foreign forces then began to attack both structure and civilian!
Crowds people began to panic! Huge buildings begin to collapse!!

I just stood there for a second and watched all that was going on around me as the battle ensued.

Sadly there was MASSIVE death and destruction everywhere….
It seemed that there was not a single structure left standing!

Suddenly, the thought came to my mind:

“In a MOMENT OF TIME…. life has just changed forever as I knew it and nothing will EVER be the same again !”

I awoke……