McDonald’s Ads Vs. The Real Food

McDonalds AdsPhoto touching, food placement, additional color, and photo editing all account for the delicious food we see in McDonalds tv ads.  How do they stack up for what you get in real life?  One person puts it to the test. (Youtube)

Comments on the video…….

Ellie Dublin- “I’m a food photographer & if your food EVER looks like that, you should be very very very very worried!! The food in TV ads and magazine adds arenot cooked to eat – they are cooked to look nice. The Macca’s burgers look like that, all nice a puffy, because there are tooth picks between each layer to keep them away from each other & the food looking nice. It’s not just fast food – it’s EVERY food :)”

zendaddy621“You do realize they use cardboard inserts, toothpicks and special lighting, among other things, to make the food look bigger and more appealing in the commercials, don’t you?  That said, how the food smells and tastes as well as its texture is more important to me than its appearance…”

jstyledipset “McDonald’s Canada already admitted all of this stuff already in a video, did they not do the same thing in Canada? They uploaded a video of how they take photos, and they show that they get the food product and they use the nicest buns they have and put all the condiments on the edge of the patty so it shows on the burger and stuff. “