Michael Snyder: “In My Dream I Was Warning President Trump That Great Destruction Is Coming”

All throughout the Scriptures, we see dreams playing a central role.  In fact, I was reading Matthew 2 lately, and I took note that God spoke to Joseph three separate times in a dream in that chapter alone.  And the Scriptures also tell us that dreams will play a critical role in the last days.  In Joel chapter 2, it tells us that just before the return of the Lord Jesus “your old men shall dream dreams”.  So if Jesus is coming back soon, this is something that we should expect to see.

Now I certainly don’t like to think of myself as “old”, but I did receive a dream last night.

Of course not all dreams are significant.  Sometimes dreams don’t have anything to do with reality at all, and it is important to understand that.

But sometimes dreams are an opportunity for God to communicate with us.  When we are sleeping, God can speak to us spirit to spirit, but many believers are not willing to accept the possibility that their dreams could be significant.

From a very early age, there have been times when I have received dreams that were noticeably “different”.  As a child, sometimes I would see myself in a place that I had never seen before.  I would forget about the dream, but then later I would find myself in that precise location, and I would realize that I had been shown it in advance.

At the time, I didn’t understand how these things work, and I was told that it was simply a case of “deja vu”.  So I figured it was just a natural thing that happens to everyone and I dismissed any supernatural explanation.

Even as an adult, I have been very hesitant to share these sorts of things, but in recent months the Lord has been working on my heart and showing me that it is time for me to change.

Last night I had a very startling dream, and I believe that it is one that I am supposed to share with all of you.  It appears that there is quite a bit of symbolism in this dream, and so any thoughts on how this dream should be interpreted would be greatly appreciated.  In this dream I was given the perspective of a member of the Trump family, and I found that to be quite unusual.

Another thing that was unusual was the fact that I was able to speak to Trump.  In my dream I was warning President Trump that great destruction is coming.  I had been told by an angel that judgment was imminent, and there was a tremendous urgency to gather everyone and flee before destruction came.  The following is what I wrote out after I awakened from the dream…


In my dream I was a member of the Trump family.  I do not know which member of the Trump family I was, but I clearly understood that I was related to President Trump somehow.  Obviously I am not a member of the Trump family in real life, but for the purposes of this dream I was given that unique perspective.  I do not know if I was a member of the nuclear family or a member of the extended family, but Trump was in my dream and he was among the members of the Trump family that was listening to my message.  In my dream I also understood that I did not have as much favor with Trump as other members of the family, and so while it was true that he listened to my message, it was also true that he was not overly receptive to it.

I had been warned in my dream that the city where we were was about to be destroyed and that we needed to flee immediately.  In the dream, I was specifically warned by an angel that the judgment of God was imminent and that I had to gather the others and get out as soon as possible.  I do not know if the city represented a specific U.S. city or the nation as a whole.  I understood that the place where we were would be destroyed “like Ninevah” and “like Sodom and Gomorrah”.

Prior to receiving the warning, my dream had been mostly about interactions between Trump’s family and members of the city.  I don’t remember the things that were said, but I don’t think that they were that important anyway.  What I came away with was an extremely clear impression of how hated we were.  I am sure that there must have been some people out there that loved us, but in the dream I did not experience that.  Instead, I felt overwhelming rejection and hatred to such a degree that it really stunned me.  This overwhelming rejection and hatred were coming from the people of the city that were about to be destroyed.

In one scene during my dream, I looked up at a television and I watched myself deliver the warning message on the Jim Bakker Show.  But I was frustrated because I did not feel that I had delivered it very effectively.  Also, I appeared to be a little bit older than I am now, but I don’t know if that means anything.

As the dream came to a conclusion, I was once again reminded by an angel that time was running out and that everyone needed to leave now.  So I raced to where Trump and his family were, and I pleaded with them to leave.  Some seemed to hesitantly believe me, but others were really dragging their feet.  I was desperately pleading with them and trying to get them to understood the urgency of what the angel had told me, but I could tell that I was not getting through to them like I wanted to.

The dream ended before the group had made a final decision whether to leave or not.  So I do not know if they were able to get out of the city in time.

Please share this dream with as many people as possible, because I think that this dream was very important.

When I was done writing this all out, I noticed that the date on which I received this begins and ends with the same digits, just reversed.

Could that mean something?

I don’t know.

As I stated above, if you have any thoughts about a possible interpretation of this dream I would love to hear them.  Please feel free to share your perspective in the comments below.

I know that a lot of people out there don’t like the idea of prophetic dreams and visions, and I understand that.  But if God is still the same God today that He has always been, then we should expect Him to speak to people through dreams and visions just like He has done all throughout human history.

And as I have been heavily documenting on this website, that is precisely what is happening.

God is still speaking, but are we willing to listen?

May the Lord open all of our eyes so that we can see, and may He open all of our ears so that we can hear…