Michael Snyder Is Calling For An Army Of Pro-Trump Activists To Run For Office All Over America

It is really easy to sit back and complain about the direction of this country, but what America really needs at this hour are men and women that are willing to step into the fight to save our constitutional republic. As I have said before, getting Donald Trump elected was the greatest miracle in U.S. political history, but he should not have to wage this battle alone. Trump has very few friends in Congress at this point, and so it is absolutely critical that we get him some during the 2018 mid-term elections. So I am calling for an army of pro-Trump activists to run for national, state and local offices all over America in 2018. Donald Trump started this revolution, and now it is our job to continue it.

My father was in the U.S. Navy, and so sometimes I like to put things in military terms. When an amphibious invasion is being conducted, it is the troops that hit the beach first that take the most fire. To me, that is a perfect picture of what is happening to Donald Trump right now. He has established a beachhead, and now the rest of us need to rush to shore to back him up.

If we are not willing to try, what is going to happen? Our political system on the national, state and local levels will continue to be dominated by Democrats and “progressive Republicans”, and our once great nation will continue to fall apart all around us.

We need patriotic men and women to challenge every available seat in America in 2018. Some of us will win and others will lose, but at least we will have given the American people a choice.

We are never going to have a true political revolution if we don’t at least try, and this election cycle represents a tremendous opportunity. I really like how Rush Limbaugh made this point during one of his programs

Do you realize what a nothing burger the Democrat Party is? Do you realize the Democrat Party literally has nothing virtuous, positive, uplifting to run on? In all of this, the Democrat Party dares not ask people, “Hey, take a look at us. We got better ideas. Hey, take a look at us. We can fix this.” None of that. The only thing they’ve got is this insane, invisible, nonexistent, so-called connection between the Russians and our election. They have no ideas. They have no optimism. They have no leaders. They have no vision. They are ripe for being smoked for generations! This is the time to move in politically and wipe them out. …

Don’t misunderstand here, folks. I’m not saying the Democrats don’t pose a threat. I’m not… Look, two things here. The Democrats are in deep trouble, electorally. The Democrats are not running the left; the media is. And the media is clearly not inconsequential. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that what’s happening here is obviously to everyone. I’m saying the Republican Party has a golden opportunity here to continue to hammer the nail into the coffin of the Democrat Party.

Our founders intended for us to have a constitutional republic with a limited central government, but the globalists have turned the federal government into an absolute monster. We need to tame that monster and restore the constitutional republic that our founders originally designed.

The easy route would be to sit back and wait for someone else to do something.

But I have decided not to do that.

Earlier today, I announced on the Alex Jones Show that I am “strongly considering” running for Congress in 2018…

On Tuesday, U.S. Representative Raul Labrador announced that he will not seek another term because he plans to run for governor in Idaho.

Labrador represents the district in which my wife and I live, and when I heard this news I realized that this represents a truly unique opportunity.

Congressman Labrador has been doing a wonderful job, and if he had run again he would have won by a landslide. But now that he is not running, there is no incumbent and the race is entirely wide open.

If I decide to run, and I am very strongly leaning in that direction, the key to the race will be to win the Republican primary. Hillary Clinton got only 27.5 percent of the vote in Idaho last November, and Labrador won his last election by more than 120,000 votes. So whoever wins the Republican primary will almost certainly win the general election.

Donald Trump has shown us that nothing is impossible in politics. When he first declared his candidacy, liberal pundits literally laughed at him on the air because they thought his candidacy was such a joke. But his bold message struck a chord with conservative voters all over the country, and now he is the president of the United States.

If he can do it, why can’t we?

If I run, I plan to continue the absolutely outstanding work that Congressman Labrador has been doing, and I plan to be a key ally for President Trump in Congress. Right now Trump has very few friends in Congress, and that desperately needs to change.

In recent years, the House has lost some tremendous conservative voices. I plan to continue the legacy of Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and so many others that stood strong for conservative causes at a time when it was not always popular to do so.

But if I am going to do this, I am going to need lots of assistance. If you have experience with campaigns on a state or local level, or if you just want to help out any way that you can, please feel free to drop me an email or contact me on Facebook. I have never run for office before, and so I have a lot to learn, and I greatly value the advice and counsel of others.

Also, if there are other pro-Trump activists out there that plan on running in 2018, we should definitely connect. If we all work to promote one another, we can create a giant groundswell of momentum which could sweep a whole bunch of pro-Trump activists into political positions all around the country.

For a long time I have been writing about the great problems that this nation is facing, and now I am trying to be part of the solution.

It has been said that life is like a coin. You can spend it any way that you want, but you can only spend it once.

As for me and my house, we are going to spend our lives doing things that really matter.

(Originally published on The Economic Collapse Blog)

5 thoughts on “Michael Snyder Is Calling For An Army Of Pro-Trump Activists To Run For Office All Over America”

  1. Yes, please run for office my friend. You are in my prayers. I will intercede for you brother.
    Troy R Westbrook

  2. For all of you Trump supporters asking “What can we do?” THIS IS IT! Locally, statewide and especially THIS congress, which needs to be thrown out on their collective butts and an entirely new congress elected in 2018 – one that will work WITH President Trump and FOR the people.

  3. Why would anyone want to be a Trump supporter after last week’s insane meltdown? I never saw a zanier week of self-destructive actions by a president in my life. Trump is losing some of his most conservative supporters quickly now as he proves daily he’s a pathological narcissist. The White House is falling apart at the seems as rats flee a sinking ship. Trump has done everything possible all on his own to make himself look like Richard Nixon (whether he is like him or not). What we are now witnessing is the meltdown of pathological narcissist who has made it to the office of president … or the most generously crafted reality TV show Trump has made yet. As I wrote in a comment after my own recent article about this week:

    “Some folks here seem to think that I think the investigation is going to find something. As I’ve repeatedly said, my point is not whether there is any truth behind it, but what a fool Trump is for doing everything he did last week to try to make it look like there is truth behind it, thereby handing his critics tons of potent ammunition. If Trump wanted to make certain this investigation goes on for, at least, the rest of the year with a lot more people believing he did do something wrong, then his present course of action was the perfect recipe to make certain that happens. (Think I’m wrong? Watch what happens from this point forward.)

    “If I wanted to look guilty, I’d fire the investigator who was coming after me; but if I wanted to look really guilty, I’d also tell everyone in the US on national television that the reason I fired him had nothing to do with Hillary or with any else’s recommendation but was something I’d already made up my mind to do all on my own solely because of the investigation into the possibilities of me colluding with the Russians. But, if I was afraid all of that wasn’t enough, I’d schedule a closed-door meeting the very next day with one of the key Russians that I was accused of colluding with, who was also being investigated, and then I’d tell everyone we’re having this closed door meeting and that we talked about the collusion investigation and the firing of the lead investigator to make sure no one in the United States missed those details.

    “If all of that wasn’t going to create enough of a flurry of attention all around me, I’d try to make it look as much like Watergate as possible by including Watergate fossil Henry Kissinger in that closed-door meeting with the Russians and inviting the press in for a quick peek at Kissinger’s fossilized remains sitting beside me and smiling like Weedend at Bernie’s in those two iconic chairs in the oval office where Kissinger and Nixon used to sit during the Watergate glory days. And then, just in case everyone still missed the Watergate connections I was hoping to make, I’d threaten the investigator that I hired so that my critics would be certain to level obstruction-of-justice charges against me just as they did with Nixon. It wouldn’t matter whether or not I was really obstructing justice, but just that it was certain to look to all my accuser like I was. But, just in case all of that still didn’t make Watergate comparisons obvious enough, I’d also bring up the fact that I had secret recordings of our conversations. To put the final dot on the “i,” I’d use the word “tapes” (the word thrown around more than any other during the Watergate days but clearly out of use today) rather than “recordings,” even though no one records anything on tape in this digital computer age. And, just in case anyone missed the fact that I was using the word in an archaic manner to mean “recordings,” I’d also put the word in quotation marks, just like I did with “wiretapped,” the other word thrown around a lot during the Watergate era that is no longer used today to mean “surveillance.”

    “With that, we are done and Trump is toast. (I didn’t say “guilty.” I said he’s “toast,” and he fully toasted himself — whether due to peak stupidity in not seeing how all of that looks or peak naiveté in not realizing that how things look in politics matters hugely during the next election round or out of the guilt of a tell-tale heart or because he’s just such a pathological narcissist that any attention is good attention, so let’s kick the hornets’ nest as hard as we can in rapid-fire action about a dozen times and see how buzzed-up we can get the media hornets.)

    “So, AGAIN, my article wasn’t about proving he’s guilty, but about the zaniest most self-destructive week in politics I’ve seen in my life … by far. I cannot even imagine how Trump will top this amusement ride, but somehow I think he will. Just when the ruckus has quieted down, he always finds a way to stir it up more than ever. Trump’s insane actions this week alone will juice up the remainder of the year and continue into next, making it almost impossible for him to get anything done. So, while Trump is toast as an effective president, he certainly is not done. As a result of this week, there will be hearings and cries for impeachment (or just invoking the crazy clause in the 25th amendment) from now to New Year … infinity and beyond.

    “Trump may not know how to be president, but he sure has created the ultimate reality show about being president. While his ratings as president are next to nothing, his television ratings are off the chart! So, if you want to say he’s playing 4-D chess with all of us as a creator of attention-grabbing reality TV, you may be on to something. Maybe that’s all his candidacy and presidency were about in the first place — creating the ultimate reality TV show. If so, he’s brilliant!”

    –David Haggith

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