Michael W. Smith Shares Miraculous ‘Divine Interruption’ After Touring Setback

(Charisma) Christian singer-songwriter Michael W. Smith says God prevented him from getting on a plane so that he could have a miraculous evangelistic encounter. In a video posted to his official YouTube channel titled “A Divine Interruption …,” Smith says he was prevented from flying to Johannesburg, South Africa, for a concert after a problem arose with his passport. Though the issue wasn’t resolved for another couple days, Smith says he resisted the temptation to get angry or frustrated.

Instead, he says, “I remember walking out of the airport in Atlanta, while my whole team is pulling away from the gate and coming to South Africa—except the artist—and I thought, ‘God, you must have somebody I’m supposed to meet. I’m supposed to have an encounter with somebody.’ So I sort of embraced it.” (Read More…)