2 thoughts on “More Rioting, Violence And Civil Unrest In Portland…”

  1. The Syrian wars started with peaceful protests, then foriegn mercenaries were moved in speaking languages they did no know, and were called by the lying media “Syrians” fighting a civil war. The it was so awful with torture, rape and bloodshed and destruction of every family and city. Terrorism. Who started terrorism? IRGUN=israel? the same will happen in the USA. A great way to disarm you. Get ready. Even if you keep your guns, they won’t protect you from ICBM’s fired from subs. That is what you get for giving satan/the antichrist billions of $$$ and genocide their neighbors. Ultimately, you get back what you give. Funny how the elite’s own children (Hunter Biden) are now suffering (drugs and demoralization, destruction of family and poverty) Hunter can’t even pay his child support or taxes with all the millions he once had, suffering the same problems the elite/satanists set upon the people after JFK died. You get back what you give. Get ready for Armageddon=it’s here.

  2. By the way, Onassis, used his ships to make him the world’s richest drug dealer.
    He put the hit on JFK.
    He needed him out of the way, so all the drugs and sex industries gambling and organized crime of the J. Mafia could take over america.
    That is what your billions to your worst enemy, playing the pathetic victim, gave you.
    They will not let up until America falls to Russia and China and their true religion=communism which is a euphemism for satanism.
    You all funded the Antichrist’s take over of the world, now you are going to really pay for that mistake. Watch and see. That is your future.

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