Nearly 60 percent of all American Christians do NOT believe the Devil is real

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It’s hard to find a true atheist. Most who claim to be atheists are actually agnostics. Atheists believe that God doesn’t exist, while agnostics simply are honest enough to say that they don’t know.

‘Nostic’ (actually Gnostic) means ‘to know.’ ‘A-gnostic’ means not to know. ‘A’ before a word always implies ‘not.’ ‘Theist’ simply means to believe in God. ‘A-theist’ means not to believe in God.

Atheists/agnotics make up about 5.7% of the population which demonstrates that most people believe in some form of higher power. But the thing that is most enlightening to me is that most American CHRISTIANS do not believe in the Devil. You read that right. George Barna reports that nearly 60% of all American Christians do NOT believe the Devil is real.

No wonder evil is kicking our tails here in America. How can you engage and defeat an enemy that you don’t even acknowledge exists? When did so many Americans become atheistic in regards to the Devil? How is it possible to believe in the God of the Bible but not believe in the Devil of the Bible?

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  1. The reason behind the agnostic belief system is that the modern churches ignore the world around them.
    Up until the 1700s, the Catholic Church believed the Sun rotated around the Earth. They were so insistent that this was so they were burning people alive that believed otherwise. Galileo comes to mind. Kill the messenger.
    What makes me very suspicious not of Christ or God but of the churches is their forcing their beliefs on people.
    The same goes for a lot of world religions. ISIS comes to mind. The recent violence of the Hindu belief system in India comes to mind. When any religion resorts to violence instead of reason you know you are dealing with evil. Is it Satan? I suspect something is really going on when these things happen. When Christians are murdered that says a whole lot about what they are really all about. They cannot argue the point simply because deep in their hearts they know they are likely wrong. So it becomes a power thing.
    Right now the Universe appears to be so large as to be beyond the ability of most people to even comprehend how large it is. We are not just talking about one galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy has a very large number of stars in it. The Universe has a very large number of other Galaxies in an enormous amount of space. Yet as recently as the 1950-present we talk about Heaven and Hell as places. It has to be backed up with proof. I distinctly remember asking a minister of God as a child. Where is Heaven and Where is Hell?
    He pointed up. He pointed down.
    Yet in my 20s I was very privileged to know men of faith with a firm belief in Jesus Christ and God.
    Two of which were Roman Catholic. Both of which prayed to God and things changed when they prayed.
    That is proof to me and concrete results. I have known prayer warriors of many different faiths that pray and get results. Most of which claim to be Christian.
    I have friends in Christ and many times in the past they have prayed on my behalf for things that I needed and the results were almost immediate.
    I have no idea why it works but it does.
    I think we are children as a species. I think we do not know how things work.
    That does not stop us from learning everything we possibly can. It did not stop us from huge medical advances over the last couple of centuries that have increased people’s ability to live longer better lives. Time and time again people die. Did they pray? Probably. Did it make a difference? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.
    I have faith in Jesus Christ and God.
    Yet at a very critical point in my life someone I loved as a soul mate died at the age of 22 of a heart disease.
    It hurt very much when that happened and it caused me to take a very hard view of faith and depending on faith for God to provide for us. I still pray a lot. I work as if everything depends on me and pray like everything depends on Him.
    Because in a whole lot of times, faith is not enough to change things. And that is where this agnostic view of there being no God happens.
    I believe in God as a living entity that actually was on this Earth for a very long time. Is God active on this planet at this time? It is a question no one really has an answer to because sometimes things happen we cannot explain and other times they do not.
    I believe everything in that Bible actually occurred. I believe Jesus Christ is Son of God.
    I also believe that only when and if in our lifetimes Jesus Christ returns will we have concrete, true answers to everything. Everything written in the Bible spells out rules. I think that IF he returns then there will be an army of angels at his back and there will be a whole lot of shaking going on when he examines just exactly what the ministers of all the christian faiths have done in his name over time.
    I think a whole lot of people that have represented themselves as his representative on Earth are going to have a lot explaining to do.
    I am not perfect and probably never will be. But know that I believe in Jesus Christ as my Boss and my savior.
    I intend to love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my mind and all my soul. The rest will have to be up to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit left here until he returns.

    • An interesting series of points. Where are Heaven and Hell? Where’s the proof? For that, in scientific circles, I like to throw out dark matter and dark energy. They’ve never been shown to be real but scientists use these things to explain why the measurable gravity in the universe is 70% more massive than what they actually know exists. In other words, the universe should completely be falling apart based on current, knowable, provable science. However, it holds together but 70% of the required mass is missing. When people say they believe in science because it’s provable, they are rational, and science can or will explain everything, point out that every physicist must use faith just to keep the universe together, based on something that’s never been shown to exist. I’ll take my faith in God, Jesus, and like you said, prayer works. When you know Jesus, no one can prove to you He doesn’t exist because you know it’s true. I know Jesus much like my wife. We talk. He provides His Word. He’s active in my life in ways I can’t even see, but I know His presence. It’s a wonderful thing.

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