Nearly 60 percent of all American Christians do NOT believe the Devil is real

Evil Demon Demonic - Public Domain

It’s hard to find a true atheist. Most who claim to be atheists are actually agnostics. Atheists believe that God doesn’t exist, while agnostics simply are honest enough to say that they don’t know.

‘Nostic’ (actually Gnostic) means ‘to know.’ ‘A-gnostic’ means not to know. ‘A’ before a word always implies ‘not.’ ‘Theist’ simply means to believe in God. ‘A-theist’ means not to believe in God.

Atheists/agnotics make up about 5.7% of the population which demonstrates that most people believe in some form of higher power. But the thing that is most enlightening to me is that most American CHRISTIANS do not believe in the Devil. You read that right. George Barna reports that nearly 60% of all American Christians do NOT believe the Devil is real.

No wonder evil is kicking our tails here in America. How can you engage and defeat an enemy that you don’t even acknowledge exists? When did so many Americans become atheistic in regards to the Devil? How is it possible to believe in the God of the Bible but not believe in the Devil of the Bible?

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