New Study Links Aluminum With Autism-Like Behavior

The scientific evidence regarding the dangers of aluminum just continues to grow.

Here is the latest from our friends at Natural News

Scientists at the University of British Columbia recently conducted studies of how aluminum affected behavior in young rats. What they found was that rats exposed to aluminum in early life exhibited social symptoms similar to autism; specifically, a decreased social interest when compared to normal, non-exposed rats of the same age.

In their conclusion, the team stated, “This is the first experimental study, to our knowledge, to demonstrate that aluminum adjuvants can impair social behavior if applied in the early period of postnatal development.”

While the researchers caution that there is still much to learn about potential links between aluminum and autism in humans, their findings are still the first of their kind — and certainly, highlight the fact that aluminum adjuvants clearly have not been adequately studied.

This study should be immediately followed up by other studies.

If a link is conclusively proved, aluminum should be removed from all vaccines immediately, and hopefully someday we will see that happen.