“Not Sure If It Was A Normal Bomb, But It Had Some Kind Of Weapon That Caused The Huge Explosion”

Sharon Rogles just sent me a dream that really got my attention.  In the dream she found herself in a military setting, and what happened next is pretty shocking.  Here is what she saw…


I am standing in a bunker behind a general and he’s got a bald head and he’s not very tall and we are both looking out this small window. He is standing before me in his official military clothes and looking out the small window of this bunker on top of a cliff or large hill over a bay area. So looking out the window, to my left, is the land and a military base close to the ocean. Sitting in the bay waters to the right is one single ship. It’s grey in color and not a huge ship but one of the smaller types. It’s not an aircraft carrier or anything like that as I’ve seen those in San Diego where my husband worked. It was a smaller ship, not super thin for speed but a little bulkier. I could point it out if I saw it.

As I’m in the bunker with this general I tell him that in 5 minutes there’s going to be an explosion on that military base below from the ship that was sitting in the bay area. There was nothing we could do about it because it was going to happen too fast and take people by surprise.

Then the scene changes and I’m now standing down in the bunker and I see all these American soldiers going about their business as usual. They were totally unaware that this attack was going to happen. They were playing cards, smoking, working out and they were playing music on the radio. I yelled warnings at the top of my voice “Get out now, the bomb is coming!” As I am yelling this I am pointing to the back of the room where there is a door.

Right away half the men look up at me and without saying a word they dash outside of the building because they “understood the times” they didn’t have to question a thing, they were in tune. (They were part of the “lions” the Lord told me about in my visit to heaven.) The others kept right on going almost as if they didn’t even notice I was shouting the warning. The soldiers who ran out were also fully dressed and had their military clothes on. I noticed the others had tank tops or work out gear and they weren’t ready to run out of the building fully prepared for war.

No sooner had the men got out of the building then the whole base exploded as the ship had fired a weapon, not sure if it was a normal bomb, but it had some kind of weapon that caused the huge explosion. It killed everyone who stayed on the base immediately. It took everyone by surprise as there was no movement at all from the ship. It had been sitting there for a while and no one suspected anything about it almost as if it was one of our own ships or an “ally” which turned out to be an enemy. No one ever thought that the ship would turn on and be killing American soldiers.

I’ve seen this dream seven times and I’ve seen it take place during the day and during a night setting. My sister also had this dream and she said she was in the bunker warning the soldiers just like me, then after she left she came running up to the bunker where I was with the general.

There is going to be a military base that gets hit from a “friendly” looking military ship and I didn’t see the usual gun weapons only the big blast that hit the base building but it came from the ship. I feel it’s going to be on the East Coast, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s going to kill American soldiers but not all of them.

This dream also shows that the decisions of the future are going to have life and death consequences to them now and if you don’t take the warnings that are given you will not survive.

The Lord also told me this means there is going to be a military event that causes a division in the military troops and there will be those that choose to fight for what is right and those that choose the dark side. It’s important that military men know who has got their back, know who knows the Lord, know who they can trust because what you might be looking at as a human may not be fully human.

These brave military troops will need to be ready to fight not only for the USA but in time they will be fighting for the human race. The Lord told me in my visit to heaven that “the day is coming when the angels of heaven will count it an honor to fight with the sons of men” for this last hour. Angels don’t like to stand with wimps and cowards, but warriors, like they are. Just like one champion respects another so will they respect all those who stand and fight for righteousness and the kingdom of Heaven.

There are wars taking place with God’s lions, military men, who are fighting battles people aren’t even aware of. Deep dark battles and the angels are with them! We’ve entered the time where the spiritual is taking on more physical engagements, with both angels and demon entities. I pray for our military men and law enforcement often. As king David said, “Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle;” Psalms 144:1

God bless you, Michael, I read your emails all the time and share them too!

Sharon Rogles https://sharonrogles.net/