Ohio Sore Loser Rule Could Be A Barrier To Donald Trump Running As An Independent

Donald Trump - Photo by Michael Vaidon

Donald Trump’s appearance in Thursday night’s GOP debate in Cleveland just made it harder for him to run as an independent candidate for president.

Ohio is one of several states that have “sore loser” rules prohibiting a candidate from appearing on the ballot as an independent or third-party candidate after they have previously declared themselves a candidate in another party.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, has concluded that since Trump has filed with the Federal Election Commission to pursue the Republican nomination and “voluntarily participated” in the Republican presidential debate in the state of Ohio, he has “chosen a party for this election cycle” and declared himself “as a Republican in the state of Ohio,” said Husted spokesman Joshua Eck.

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1 thought on “Ohio Sore Loser Rule Could Be A Barrier To Donald Trump Running As An Independent”

  1. The Democrat/Republican Party has established a monopoly on running for election. That is why it stinks to high heaven right now. Diapers and politicians should be changed frequently for obvious reasons.
    My thought is Donald Trump is out of his depth with this bunch. But are they deliberately torpedoing his election attempt?
    Donald did make a statement about that. He said they are bought and paid for. He is probably right. In that I find his lack of tact to be refreshing. His lack of political correctness is basically why he is popular.
    He is attempting to tell it like it is rather than how it should be. The reality is we are stuck with these guys running legally.
    Personally I would vote for him simply because he is shaking things up that need to be shook up.
    The right hand seldom is aware of what the left hand is doing in D.C.
    We have people wanting to cut back on Social Security.
    Same people that want to give away 300 billion dollars to Iran?
    These Republicans have a very low opinion of the intelligence of the people back home.
    They came to us with an idea to take over the House. It worked. Now they are hung up on the Senate. And they still cannot get anything done because the Senate and Presidency are keeping it from happening?
    Maybe it is time to change politicians. Again!
    If a person cannot even get on the ballot, is that really constitutional?

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