One Of The FBI Agents Working On The Clinton Email Investigation Referred To Her As “President” While The Probe Was Still Happening

This is a perfect example that shows why we can never seem to get justice at the highest level.

It turns out that all of the FBI agents that were “investigating” Hillary Clinton’s email scandal supported her for president, and one even went so far as to call her “president” while the investigation was still ongoing

One of the four FBI case agents working on the Hillary Clinton email investigation—who was also one of the two FBI agents who interviewed her at the conclusion of that investigation—triumphantly referred to Clinton as “the President” four days after that interview—and four months before the election.

Later, on election day, in an instant message exchange with another FBI agent who had also worked on the Clinton investigation, this FBI agent declared: “screw you trump.”

The other agent said in the same instant-message exchange: “You should know…that I’m…with her.”

Obviously they were never going to find anything to charge her with, because they didn’t want to find anything.

Here is the exchange where Clinton is called “president” by one of the agents…

15:07:41, Agent 1: “…I’m done interviewing the President – then type the 302. 18 hour day….”

15:13:32, FBI Employee: “you interviewed the president?”

15:17:09, Agent 1: “you know – HRC” [Hillary Rodham Clinton]

15:17:18, Agent 1: “future pres”

15:17:22, Agent 1: “Trump cant win”

15:17:31, Agent 1: “demographics dont line up”

15:17:37, Agent 1: “America has changed”