Our Planet Is Running Out Of Sand

Did you know that after air and water, sand is the most used natural resource in the world?

And the bad news is that we are rapidly running out of it

If you’re planning a beach vacation, you’d better get to it soon. An alarming statistic for you: 67% of Southern California beaches? GONE by 2100. All because of sand. Even if you don’t think about the grainy stuff, you use it daily. You’re reading this off something made with sand, looking at it through a screen made with sand, surrounded by buildings made with concrete. I could let you guess what’s in concrete, but I suspect you’re already catching onto a theme here.

In fact, we are using about twice as much sand as is produced naturally each year…

Crazy right? We literally have tons of it on beaches, deserts, and under the ocean, but we’re using it up faster than the planet can make it.

We use sand way more than you’d expect. Worldwide, we go through 50 billion tons of sand every year. That is twice the amount produced by every river in the world.

This is just another example that shows that our current standard of living is unsustainable, and time is running out for humanity…

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