Red Flag Warning: These California Wildfires Are ‘Among The Most Destructive Fire Events In US History’ And They Are About To Get Even Worse

The wildfires that are roaring through northern California are already “among the most destructive fire events in U.S. history”, and by the time it is all said and done this could be the worst wildfire season in the history of the state. So far, fires have scorched more than 250 square miles, and more than 3,500 homes and businesses have already been destroyed. The official death toll has risen to 21, but that is expected to rise dramatically because over 600 missing persons reports have been filed with authorities. The worst damage has been done in Napa and Sonoma counties, and you can see some deeply troubling photos of the devastation here and here.

Unfortunately, this crisis is far from over. In fact, the National Weather Service has just issued a pair of “red flag warnings”

The weather forecast is not looking good for those living in wine country, and for those firefighters trying to get a handle on the 22 wildfires raging through Northern California, which broke out Sunday and are barely contained more than three days later.

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for the North and East bays starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday and midnight on Thursday respectively.

That means winds can gust from 20 mph to 50 mph in the higher elevation areas, fanning the flames down mountains and into the cities.

So as bad as things are at this moment, the truth is that they are going to get even worse over the next 24 hours.

And that is quite sobering to hear, because this is already one of “the most destructive fire events in U.S. history”

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said fire activity increased significantly, destroying more buildings and forcing more mandatory evacuations. The wind-whipped, fast moving cluster of blazes ranks among the most destructive fire events in U.S. history.

“This is a serious, critical, catastrophic event,” Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott said. “It’s pure devastation, and it’s going to take a while to get out and comb through all this.”

Of course this crisis comes on the heels of several other major disasters. In recent weeks our nation has had to deal with Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the Las Vegas shooting, and many have pointed out that the U.S. has not seen a series of disastrous events such as this in a very long time.

It would be hard to overstate the devastation that we have witnessed in northern California so far. In some areas, it literally looks like a war zone

‘It looks like a bombing run here,’ said winemaker Joe Nielsen of Santa Rosa’s Donelan Family Wines, speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle. ‘Just chimneys and burnt-out cars and cooked trees.’

What would you do if your home burned to the ground?

Perhaps you could use the insurance money to rebuild eventually, but what would you do in the meanwhile?

Everywhere you go in northern California the smell of smoke fills the air. At this point it is so bad that even San Francisco is reporting “the worst air quality ever recorded”

“We are reporting the worst air quality ever recorded for smoke in many parts of the Bay Area,” said Tom Flannigan, spokesman for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. “This is similar to what you see in Beijing China in bad air days there.”

Soot readings in many areas have reached levels considered very unhealthy or hazardous, air quality regulators said.

And the economic damage that is being done by these fires is going to be felt for many, many years to come.

As the quote below explains, California accounts for approximately 85 percent of the wine production in the United States, and Napa and Sonoma counties are the heart of the wine industry in the state…

Wine industry experts say that even if a winery’s vineyards remain standing, they face steep challenges as their employees struggle with burned or damaged homes. The region counts wine and tourism as top employers, and many workers who pick grapes or work in hotels may be compelled to relocate after losing everything.

Napa and Sonoma counties are home to around 900 wineries (of 4,600 statewide), with most boutique businesses making higher-end wines. The two counties represent 13% of the state’s output. And the state itself supplies 85% of the nation’s wine production, making it the fourth-largest producer of wines after Italy, France and Spain.

Expect the price of wine to go up substantially in the months ahead, and this is going to be a huge hit for one of the most economically prosperous areas of the state. Many of the facilities that have been destroyed will never be rebuilt, and needless to say the tourism industry in northern California will not be the same for a very long time.

But the true extent of the devastation will not be known until the crisis is over, and it looks like the worst chapters may still be ahead. USA Today is reporting that no rain is in the forecast, and strong winds are going to continue to push wildfires very rapidly across the region…

“No rainfall is forecast for ongoing fires in California,” the weather service said. “Strong winds behind the front will bring elevated-to-critical fire weather threats to active fires across northern California today into Thursday.”

Please pray for the people living in northern California. Normally, it is one of the most beautiful areas on the entire planet, but now it is literally being transformed into a complete and total nightmare.

For years, I have been writing about the alarming increase in the intensity of wildfires all over the country. One of the big reasons for this is the fact that the federal government is not properly managing the lands under their control, and so wildfires tend to burn more rapidly on federally-owned lands. It is time for the federal government to start turning over ownership of these lands to the states, and that is something that I plan to fight very hard to accomplish.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

4 thoughts on “Red Flag Warning: These California Wildfires Are ‘Among The Most Destructive Fire Events In US History’ And They Are About To Get Even Worse”

  1. Pray for rain!
    Not everyone in California has liberal and democrat party views. Is it God’s wrath? Probably it is a very big coincidence that California seems to be a center that the Bible calls abominations. Or is it God’s wrath at all?
    It is more likely natural.

    My version of global warming is that it is mostly a natural thing. One volcano can throw just as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as millions of gasoline and diesel cars can. I think it happens as part of the balance of nature. With increases in carbon dioxide comes plants becoming larger and more prosperous. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. Especially in the oceans.
    The problem being carbon dioxide transmits temperatures. So we have an averaging out of temperatures all over the planet. If it is 40 belong zero at the poles and 120 degrees at the equator then the two temperatures are going to conflict with one another. There is evidence that incredibly fast temperature changes have happened in the past in the opposite direction.

    This is going to produce severe drought in one place and severe floods in another place as it evens out.
    The Earth is going to be unstable simply because all that water melted at the poles releases the unstable parts of the crust of the Earth to produce a lot of earthquakes and possibly volcanoes. That ice weighs in at a lot of weight pressed down on the Earth. When it becomes liquid it releases that weight.
    What I just described is a natural thing, not God’s Wrath.
    Going to stick my neck out here and say the atmosphere could become excessively carbon dioxide in about 5 years. We are going to need breathing machines at that point in time. Especially in highly populated areas in valleys between the mountains.
    Electric vehicles need to take over the highways. It is compounding. That huge forest fire in Northern California is probably just the beginning unless it rains. Only a geological engineer would know how much it would take to soak that forest and save the trees. I am suggesting inches of rain to do so.

    Setting off test nuclear bombs(in north Korea) is likely to push us all over the edge along the Pacific Ring of Fire.
    It is not a local problem. It is likely to set off earthquakes and volcanoes in the weak spots all over the Ring.
    If that is the case, past super volcanoes are likely to come back such as in Yellowstone.
    North Korea is mountainous. They may be setting up their own doom with a war on the natural way of things.
    This is all speculation but that forest fire is real.

  2. I think the Lord is trying to tell us something. We ARE in the last days, ya know. Get down on your knees and pray.

  3. Uodate on Nun fire in Santa Rosa Area -My Brother just called and the Nuns Fire is still threatening Santa Rosa area. its only 10% contained. Schools in Marin are closed as Most of the teachers who cant afford to live in Marin, live in the Santa Rosa area. As they are trying to take care of family, the schools are to short handed to stay open, so they are closed. He reported seeing the Fire Bombers engaging the fire. This is still quite an active situation.

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