Religious People Much Happier Than Others, New Study Shows

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A strong correlation exists between religiosity and personal happiness, according to a new study by the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture.

The study found that people who attend religious services on a weekly basis are nearly twice as likely to describe themselves as “very happy” (45%) than people who never attend (28%). Conversely, those who never worship are twice as likely to say they are “very unhappy” (4%) as those who attend services weekly (2%).

Building on prior research, this broad survey of American adults comprised a representative sample of 15,738 Americans between the ages of 18 and 60.

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1 thought on “Religious People Much Happier Than Others, New Study Shows”

  1. The Bible can be a user’s manual for life. People that have accepted Christ as their Savior have the backing of a God.
    Christ feeds his flock spiritually and it shows. Those that give their life to Christ gain their life. Those that do not often commit suicide. Not always, but they do appear to be very depressed over time.
    I have always used proverbs as a guide to life. I have failed so many times over the years that it is difficult to count how many times I have failed. Yet I was able through Christ to get right back up and try again and again. Christ is my success in life.
    Eventually, through much struggle and fight, I found a vocation I was good at and succeeded in life.
    But even that was not without guidance from Christ. When I started we were a mechanical trade building ads out of metal. We had linotypes casting type from metal. I found myself learning Windows 3.11 to help the church I attended. I learned Ami Pro to do newsletters with my background as a printer. Eventually I learned things like Quark Express. All through the churches i was attending.
    The evolution of the Printing trade over many years took programs that were over 1 million dollars a piece down to things related to the church programs I learned. The last I bought at a Computerfest in the 90s for less than 400 dollars. Within a year we were producing ads from this same program, only made for the Macs. I was miles ahead of other printers because I had been using them for voluntary work with the church.
    I also learned Microsoft Office in the process of helping the churches I dealt with.
    So when I was elected to Union Office, I changed the entire dues structure over to Excel.
    I never accepted any money for helping churches in Christ. But the long term reward was I was one of few that learned and knew the new systems upon which our trade was based.
    The difference is that Christ takes care of his own. There has been many a time where I went to my prayer place and privately asked for help. It often came from unexpected sources.
    I believe in miracles.
    Humanity has a lot to learn. If they would learn from the Bible and Christ, this world would be a whole lot better than it is.

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