Report: Priebus Next to Go as Trump Strikes Back Over Flynn

The purge of Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn engineered by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, formally the head of the Republican National Committee in Washington, is the “Pearl Harbor” for Trump loyalists – a devastating attack that determines for Trump supporters that Priebus, an elite GOP Washington insider, must go.

The concern among Trump loyalists is that now that Priebus has succeeded in getting rid of Flynn, his next targets will be Trump top advisors Steve Miller, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway – all of whom D.C. insiders are planning must go if Priebus is to succeed in sabotaging Trump’s revolutionary agenda.

Infowars has established that Priebus is the Chief Leaker in the White House, responsible for feeding the Trump-hating mainstream media that daily dominate the White House news room with “red meat,” including the demeaning leak to the Washington Post that Trump is “isolated,” a “clueless child,” wandering about in a bathrobe (that Trump does not own), who’s presiding over a “White House in disarray.”

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2 thoughts on “Report: Priebus Next to Go as Trump Strikes Back Over Flynn”

  1. I think some of these people are very foolish within the administration of Donald Trump.
    One thing he is very good at is “firing” people found inadequate to do their duties.
    If Priebus is the chief leaker in the White House he is likely gone very soon.

    In the meantime, I think Donald Trump needs to rethink some of his nominations.
    If they are not clean, then they have to go.
    He needs to be very careful around the Intelligence community.
    Concerning the Democrats, I think they need to be very careful to stay within the law concerning the word sedition.
    Because they are getting very close to being in violation of the law in recent days.
    IF and WHEN they are called on it, there is going to be a lot of people in jail very soon.

    • I pray that everyone in Government will uphold their oath that they took. I pray for President Trump to do what is best for the American People, and that anyone in his administration who doesn’t want what is best for the American people are exposed and removed. I could care less about Republican or Democrat. I want people who really mean the oath they took to the Constitution with their hand on the Bible.

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