Report: Terrorists Captured At Mexico Border… But Homeland Security Denies Any ‘Credible Threats’

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A report from Joe Biggs in early September indicated that a terror threat had been identified on the Southern U.S. border just outside of El Paso, TX. According to Biggs, the Vice President of the Border Patrol Council was reportedly silenced by Federal administrators and told to keep quiet about the possibility of Islamic State militants organizing for an attack within the domestic United States.

For their part, the Obama Administration completely denied the reports. On Tuesday DHS issued the following statement:

“There is no credible intelligence to suggest that there is an active plot by ISIL to attempt to cross the southern border”

But less than 48 hours later the Gateway Pundit reports that the U.S. government did, in fact, apprehend four suspected terrorists with ties to the IS organization on the border.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz broke this shocking news Wednesday that four known terrorists were apprehended at the US border in Texas on September 10 – the day before the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Chaffetz questioned Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on whether he is “aware of any apprehensions of suspected or known terrorists.”

Johnson dodged the question.

Tonight, Rep. Chaffetz told Megyn Kelly there were four terrorists arrested crossing the US border in Texas on September 10.

“There were actually four individuals trying to cross through the Texas border, who were apprehended at two different stations, that do have ties to known terrorist organizations in the Middle East.”

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1 thought on “Report: Terrorists Captured At Mexico Border… But Homeland Security Denies Any ‘Credible Threats’”

  1. This group may have been captured. What about the ones that got through the border and are now somewhere in the USA?
    Or are the people in charge still denying that might have happened.
    Meantime back in D.C., something is happening. The Democrats up for re-election are not mentioning the Liar in Chief in their campaign speeches. Wonder why?
    Could be that someone is out of popularity. Could be the person responsible for our lack of security on the Southern Border could be brought up on charges soon? Naw! Never happen, right?
    Or it could be the masks have come off once too often and now both parties are struggling to avoid being put under the same banner as Mr. Obama. Especially Republicans who have voted to fund Planned Parenthood. Noted for its support of Abortions. I believe the numbers speak for themselves when 300 people or more of both parties vote to fund abortion. Whoops! Planned Parenthood is on the other side of the fence and does recommend abortions to people. At least I think that is what they do from all the literature.
    Maybe Republican Majority Leader would like to step forward and explain that one to his Christian-worshipping public? Or not.
    Meantime things simply go on. By November, perhaps, all of these people will have forgotten which way the Congress voted as more dramatic news comes to our shores. Such as a possible Ebola Epidemic crossing that same border with the Mexicans.
    Scape goat. Come here little scape goat . . .
    Let us hope that nothing I have said above except the recorded votes of the Congress is about to occur. Cannot do anything about that. Except vote accordingly.

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