Rutherford Institute Defends Florida Mom Arrested, Handcuffed, Searched & Jailed for Allowing Her 7-Year-Old Son to Visit Playground Alone

They Will Lock You Up To If They Get The Chance - Photo by Barnellbe

Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have come to the defense of a Florida mother who was arrested and charged with child neglect for allowing her 7-year-old son to visit a neighborhood playground located a half mile from their house. For the so-called “crime” of allowing her son to play at the park unsupervised, Nicole Gainey was interrogated, arrested and handcuffed in front of her son, and transported to the local jail where she was physically searched, fingerprinted, photographed and held for seven hours and then forced to pay almost $4000 in bond in order to return to her family. Gainey’s family and friends were subsequently questioned by the Dept. of Child Services. Gainey now faces a third-degree criminal felony charge that carries with it a fine of up to $5,000 and 5 years in jail.

Insisting that parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children, which includes determining when their children are mature enough to play outside or walk to a neighborhood park by themselves, Rutherford Institute attorneys plan to demand that the charges against Gainey be dropped.

“What this incident and others like it taking place across the country make clear is that the theater of the absurd that passes for life in the American police state grows more tragic and incomprehensible by the day,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. “While we all want to ensure that our young people are safe and protected, the government cannot usurp a parent’s right to determine what is appropriate for their children. Unless we put a stop to this ‘government-knows-best’ nanny state mindset now, we may soon find that we have no rights whatsoever in a society that is increasingly bureaucratic, legalistic, politically correct, self-righteous and unconcerned about individual rights.”

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1 thought on “Rutherford Institute Defends Florida Mom Arrested, Handcuffed, Searched & Jailed for Allowing Her 7-Year-Old Son to Visit Playground Alone”

  1. This arrest reaches every parent everywhere.
    When is intrusion into our lives by do good intention workers enough?
    Where is the oversight committees that are supposed to keep these bureaucrats under control?
    That money was stolen from this family by a bureaucrat and the associated lawyers involved.
    What scares me and a lot of other people is just how close that could reach all of us.
    Do you have 4 or 5 grand to spare?
    These agencies do this on our tax dime. They are not personally libel for anything they do.
    I think the agencies need to be shut down. Rutherford is right. We do not need nanny agencies overseeing our children and how we raise them.
    I was once attacked by the county where I live. They wanted more money for child support for my ex-wife. No matter that she was bringing in 60,000 dollars a year. No matter that I was paying my child support. No matter that she was living beyond her means. The county sponsored this little trip to court and it cost me a lot of money to defend myself against the county. I was all ready going beyond reasonable by giving them all health insurance beyond what was asked for. No matter that a third of my monthly income was going for child support and when I had two of the three kids I received no support whatsoever. When it reversed and she had two kids, then the fun began. This was all done on tax payer’s dimes, not hers. I was forced to pay to defend myself.
    What this is all about is lawyers ripping people off with the help of the local bureaucracy.
    What we need is to close all these bureaus down. That will never happen as long as lawyers exist that use this to generate income.

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