Stan Johnson: The Stage Is Set For Shane Warren’s Prophetic Visions To Be Fulfilled

For years, many of us have been talking about the remarkable visions of the future that the Lord gave to Pastor Shane Warren. Earlier today, Stan Johnson contacted me and pointed out that the stage is now being set for these visions to be fulfilled. Here are some short excerpts from some of Shane Warren’s visions that were included in Stan’s most recent video…


In 2011 I was watching television and it turned into a vision of the future. A weather broadcast appeared and the news anchor said, “The most amazing thing is going on right now.  It’s tragic … It’s tragic.” Normally hurricanes hit on the coastal lines, he said, but there is a hurricane that is spreading across America.”  He showed a satellite image of America, a storm covering from north, south and from east to west over America.

The scene changed to a news reporter in the eye of the storm, the wind is blowing violently, and He said, “This is amazing.  This is not a natural storm. This isn’t normal, it’s raining; and he reached down and picked up a fist full of dollar bills. It’s raining dollar bills.  It’s almost like they’re worthless. They’re worthless.  It was raining worthless dollars.”


Then the scene changed back to the anchor. He said, Ladies and gentlemen, another tragedy has just hit America.  The New Madrid Fault, in the heartland of America has just had a major earthquake!  Immediately devastation was shown all over the heartland of America, along the New Madrid Fault as earthquakes caused entire cities to crumble.  And I heard a booming voice speak from behind me saying, “They have divided my land; now I will divide their land.” In the vision I knew that he was speaking about Israel and specifically Jerusalem.


The scene changed and I was taken to a room in the Middle East.   India, Syria, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, were there and Russia and China were the major players. These world leaders were discussing how to devalue the Dollar of America by buying oil with another currency. One of them said, America no longer backs their dollar with gold.  “The American Dollar has no stability all we have to do is stop selling oil in dollars and trade oil in gold and the dollar will collapse. They agreed to sell oil for gold.” We will buy oil with gold and we will change the way oil is traded using gold and it will flush the market with dollars and drive the value of the dollar down. I saw drastic drops in the value of the dollar.


The devaluing of our dollar caused major rioting in the streets, I saw silver, not gold, begin to drastically increase in value. I saw riots break out in major cities all over America.   People were rioting in the streets and on their signs was written, “Give us our entitlements … Give us our entitlements.”  I saw great demonstrations and violence in the streets whenever these different things are lost, because there’s not enough money to keep up the subsidies.


At the same time, I saw the church arise with healing in their wings for this moment. I God prospering greatly many acquiring things a transfer of wealth coming into the hands of believers! Churches became cities of refuge.  The body of Christ stood up like a mighty sleeping giant in the earth and began to minister. People were coming to them. Signs wonders and miracles were poured out all over America.  I saw America being shaken as the worldly couldn’t go to the government for help, they had to go to the church for help.  Entire cities became cities of refuge.  There was life, safety, peace and the presence of God in the cities. People were running to the cities revival arrived.  It was a two-sided coin as judgment hit so did God’s miracle revivals.  As great inflation caused an economic storm great revival arrived.  God will raise up his church.

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