Student Loan Debt Burdens More Than Just Young People

Student Loan Debt

JANET LEE DUPREE, 72, was surprised when she received her first Social Security benefits seven years ago. About one-fifth of her monthly payment was being withheld and she called the federal government to find out why.

The woman, who is from Citra, Fla., discovered that the deduction from her benefits was to repay $3,000 in loans she took out in the early 1970s to pay for her undergraduate degree.

“I didn’t pay it back, and I’m not saying I shouldn’t,” she said. “I was an alcoholic, and later diagnosed with H.I.V., but I’ve turned my life around. I’ve been paying some of the loan back but that never seems to lower the amount, which is now $15,000 because of interest.

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2 thoughts on “Student Loan Debt Burdens More Than Just Young People”

  1. Just when we think there are no more surprises out there, something else comes along.
    I thought it was illegal to garnishee Social Security Payments. Obviously they have found a way.
    What is needed is a cap put on what percentage of Social Security can be taken.
    Anyone on Social Security will tell you there is a wage limit. You cannot make more than so much money without jeopardizing your Social Security. After 70, there is no limit on what you are able to make. Before 70, they can take back the Social Security if you earn so much money.
    The problem is there are no jobs for people over 70 out there in the real world. But those people wouldn’t know that would they? They are probably RICH.
    IF the Congress wants to do something real about the problem of Student Loans they might consider forgiving them all together since they give away more money to foreign countries than we locals will ever see in a lifetime. But the priorities of Congress are to give away millions but not one dime to our own citizens. That is what is totally disgusting to me.
    People do not go to college to just to learn. They go to college so that with the skills they learn there they can get a better job. Does not work that way. The same Congress supplements foreign nationals, it gives away huge sums of money to countries all over the world, and gives our jobs to people in other countries that do not pay U.S. taxes on that money.
    It is our fault not theirs. We, in our ignorance of what is going on, allowed Congress to do what I have described and they still get re-elected. They are very good at taking care of No. 1. Meaning they get more money than anyone realises for being members of Congress. Not just wages, but all kinds of additional benefits that make them the best paid scoundrels in history.
    I remember Loretta Lynn singing a song about it. They say that Elizabeth Taylor goes all the way to France to get her hair done. Then she describes life taking care of 3 kids and a husband calling her from a bar.
    It is a story about the wealthy people having one set of priorities and the average person having a different set. Well, Senator, let them eat cake. We all know how that story ended.
    This lady needs to go back to school. They cannot collect the debt while she is in school. So she needs to be in school for the rest of her short life. H.I.V. is normally a death sentence, taking years off your life.
    The student loans were put out there by the colleges in league with the loan companies. It was put out there representing that people would get better paying jobs by going to college. That was a plain case of fraud on the part of the colleges. I think a class action case by a brilliant set of lawyers could hang those colleges right out to dry. It was fraud plain and simple. Kids are not alert to the ways of the world, and took those loans based on what they were told by the colleges. The colleges are in league with the loan companies not the students.
    This goes further than that. Those loans are not eligible to be forgiven in a bankruptcy. Thanks to those Congress People changing the law years ago.
    The entire situation stinks so bad it is pathetic.
    I suggest that everyone involved in getting taken by these student loans get together and vote as a group against every senator that promoted the game rules as they stand right now. Maybe the next set of scoundrels might even do something to make the situation right.

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