The mysterious pro-Trump phenomenon known as ‘QAnon’ is moving from the fringes of the internet to Trump rallies

(Business Insider) In October 2017, an anonymous person who claims to have access to top-secret information (and a so-called Q-level government security clearance), began posting cryptic messages on an online message board known as 4Chan. The vague notes are written in poem-like verses, which “QAnon” followers call “breadcrumbs,” or clues to understanding Trump’s secret counter-coup against evil.

Followers believe there will be a “Great Awakening” before a “storm” — an idea derived from the president’s unclear reference last year to ” the calm before the storm ” — during which Trump will conquer elites, globalists, and the deep state. And Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will ultimately find themselves locked up in Guantanamo.