“These dreams have haunted me for years”

After reading the dreams given to Joanie Stahl and Marty Breeden that I featured in my recent article entitled “The Book Is About To Close On The Late Great United States Of America”, a reader named Chelle Wagner felt led to share a couple of dreams that have haunted her for years.

When I say that men and women of God all across America are having dreams and visions about America’s future, I am not exaggerating one bit.  So many people are being shown the exact same things, and yet America as a whole refuses to listen.

Here are the dreams that Chelle just sent us…

Hi Michael and Miranda. I just wanted to give a witness to the two dreams. In 2004 I was a homeschool mom to a 15 year old that was not particularly thrilled that I was her teacher and she was not at the local drug infested high school. Every day was a battle for her soul in the spirit realm to say nothing of the battle in the natural to just stay the course. During that time I had two dreams that I knew had a future connotation. The 1st I was driving a motorcycle and my daughter was on the back. In my side mirror I could see an incredible storm behind us, my daughter could not see it. She didn’t want to go where I was going and wanted off the motorcycle. She was wiggling around and beating on my back and making our ride very precarious. I had to stop and assure her that I was doing the best thing for us to get to safety over and over again. Each time I had to stop the storm was closer and more ominous. Finally when we reached out destination it looked like an army barricade building. It was in camouflage but when I opened the door it was the most glorious place I had ever seen. It looked like a refreshing rain forest and there were peaceful happy people there and worship and the Lord’s prescense was there…..end of the 1st dream.

2nd dream….I was looking out of the kitchen window of an old house. I was an older woman. It was the most dilapidated old white farmhouse with no farmhouse charm. It looked like something from the dust bowl era. I was watching a little boy a toddler play in the yard but there was no grass everything was dead dead dead. His little feet were just stirring up dust. He was a little tow headed boy and had on brown overalls. I knew we were the only two left….

These dreams have haunted me for years as I knew they had a personal element for the moment but a much bigger implication for the future. My daughter gave birth to my only grandson on October 6. He is the little boy in my dream. Most of my family still can’t perceive the storm that is rushing in behind us. I have had at least 10 prophetic dreams and warnings they are unforgettable. I can tell a huge difference in my dreams when God is speaking a truth to me, these two dreams were of that nature. Three years ago a visiting musician came to our congregation. He played a prophetic piece of music and asked us to just close our eyes and allow the Lord to speak to our spirits. I immediately had an open vision of a tsunami (which I have dreamed several times) but in my vision I saw the souls of the believers that drowned. I watched them immediately rise up out of the water and meet in the air. I am from a very large extended family that always loved to visit and laugh and talk when I was a child and that is what it sounded like, s family reunion.

All in all I know we are headed for a calamity and everyone on earth will be affected. Keep praying for the lost for no matter what it is still a battle for souls, souls, souls.

You may share this if you feel you should.

Chelle Wagner

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