A third of all British kids don’t know that Christmas is about Jesus

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A third of children aged between ten and 13 do not know that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, a survey of 2,000 families has found.

The poll also found that only ten per cent of adults can correctly state four facts about Jesus’ birth and half of those surveyed say it is not relevant to their Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Starts With Christ, the group which commissioned the survey, said one problem was how schools discussed the festival.

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2 thoughts on “A third of all British kids don’t know that Christmas is about Jesus”

  1. As was alluded to below, Christmas and Easter were pagan celebrations honoring the winter solstice and the emergence of spring respectively, and in order to get maximum converts to the new religion, the recently converted political/religious leaders at the time hijacked them and integrated them into the christian mythology.

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