2 thoughts on “This Footage Shows That The Homeless Crisis In Los Angeles Is Getting Even Worse”

  1. I live in Michigan and I believe what I am seeing. Our government of today is Disgusting! Biden and Harris, Pelosi, Waters, Lightfoot, whatever their names may be Don’t give a damn! They talk alot of B**lsh*t Lies in which a lot of people believe. Disgusting to treat others like this.
    People are people, Get Over Yourselves You Government Official Losers. You are Rich from Tax Payers Money. And all you are trying to do now is make Regular People Poorer and Rich People Richer!! Sick and Disgusting!!!! All Government Leftists should be held accountable for their actions.

  2. Where is the Money? More than likely the money was divided amongst those at the top like a pack of wild dogs for their own personal use. Corrupt politicians have always looked out for themselves. Nothing new.

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