Thousands of undersea volcanoes revealed in new map of ocean floor

Ocean Floor Map

Scientists have created the highest resolution map yet of the ocean floor, revealing thousands of underwater mountains and extinct volcanoes that were previously unknown. In a study published Thursday in Science, researchers say the new map is at least twice as accurate as the previous version assembled nearly 20 years ago even though it can only resolve features that are a mile high and bigger. “You might think, that’s not so much better, but instead of seeing 5,000 old volcanoes down there, now we can see 10,000,” said David Sandwell, a geophysics professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego who led the study. Scientists know remarkably little about the deep-sea floor. Sandwell thinks of it almost as a separate planet in our solar system that we have only begun to explore. “We have maps of Mars that have 100 to 10,000 times more resolution than maps of the deep ocean,” he said.

To create the new map, the researchers used data collected by two satellite observatories: the European Space Agency’s CryoSat-2, and the Jason-1, operated by NASA and the French space agency CNES. Both spacecraft have instruments that can measure the topography of the ocean surface within a fraction of an inch. Large mountains and volcanoes on the ocean floor affect the height of the water at the ocean’s surface, so measuring the surface can give a good idea of what is going on below. “You have to go through a bit of math and physics to get there, but, for example, a 1.2-mile-high volcano will produce a very low amplitude bump on the ocean surface of about 10 centimeters over 12.5 miles,” Sandwell said. “This is how we are measuring what is on the bottom.”In the Science study, the researchers noted two of the most obvious features that the higher resolution map allowed them to see: a previously hidden ridge in the South Atlantic that is almost 500 miles long, and another ridge in the Gulf of Mexico that is as wide as Texas.

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  1. Part of the mystery of this planet is that it has one of thinnest crusts overlaying molten lava in the Solar System.
    That we have oceans far in excess of what a planet this size this close to the Sun should have.
    Let us translate that a little better. We have a million time bombs waiting to go off under the surface of our oceans.
    The last time something like that happened was a volcano in the 1880s blew an island up and sent the fragments into orbit.
    The result was a nuclear type winter and a cooling of the surface of the planet that hasn’t happened since then.
    No one really knows exactly what happened to cause this.
    There are however a lot of very good guesses from our geologists.
    Can something like this happen today? In a heartbeat Yellowstone National Park might make it happen with a super volcano.
    The mid-atlantic ridge is another source of intense activity. This mountain range is almost totally under water and it extends almost pole to pole.
    There is something called the ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean and it also extends pole to pole.
    Another mystery is the Moon. This moon is the largest moon in relationship to the size of the planet in the entire known solar system.
    It almost suggests that the Moon preceeded the Earth in taking up this orbit around the Sun.
    The moon has water on it. Though that water exactly matches the fingerprint of water on the Earth. No one knows exactly why. Many have theorized that it is because the moon was once part of the Earth.
    I suggest the same thing might be true of water in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Just a guess of course.
    The man that upset the apple cart on everything we thought we knew about the Moon and the other planets was Velinkovski(wrong spelling?). He was a psychologist of national psychology and ancient languages. He claimed that Venus might be a new planet that came into the solar system in historical times. That planet being covered in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, sulfer, and volcanoes. That part was true. The planet orbits the Sun in 222 days. It has a day of some 260 of our days or more. There is evidence to support it being new to the solar system in comparison with other planets. No one knows. The planet has a very thick atmosphere even though it is slightly smaller than the Earth. It is running temperatures that indicate it has an atmosphere similar to boiling oil.
    Then we had a book by another Russian called the 12th Planet. Again sifted from evidence on tablets of the pre-flood Sumarians.
    This person claimed that the ancient gods came from a planet around a Brown Dwarf that orbits the sun in a 3600 year comet like orbit. It is rotating around the Sun in an orbit directly opposite to the rest of our Solar System according to the claim and it is out of sync with the orbits of other planets by 50 degrees or more. Such an orbit would make any planets around that Brown Dwarf in jeopardy of colliding with planets in our solar system. There is considerable circumstantial evidence that this might have all ready occurred sometime in the past.
    The planet itself being heavier than Earth with a gravity that gave them super strength here.
    They disappeared about 500 years before Christ was born. There are rumors that they warred among themselves and polluted the planet with nuclear bomb radiation.
    Is the Earth that unstable? I think it is.
    The most likely thing going on right now is a pole shift about ready to occur. That will play havoc with every piece of electric machinery we have if it occurs.
    The second most likely thing would be a Sun Spot explosion that hits the outer atmosphere and magnetic nature of the planet itself.
    If the magnetic shield is changing polarity at the time, that could send the entire planet back to the stone age. It changes polarity about every 250,000 years according to geologists. We are overdue.
    If anyone survives it. That would generate volcanoes all over the planet.
    I think the clues are under our oceans. I think documentation of what I have indicated might just be on tablets under the ocean floor in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. All of which have continental shelves that could have been quite capable of being above water and supporting civilizations with technology similar to our own. My own theory is these are printers plates used to print thousands of books far back in time and most knowledge of those civilizations is now lost.
    Whether or not either Russian was right about the rest of it is still hotly disputed by current scientists.

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