Vatican astronomer: Just a matter of time until life found elsewhere in the universe

aliens and the vatican

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, the new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, has no doubt that life exists elsewhere in the universe and that when humanity discovers it, the news will come as no big surprise.

He suggested that the likely discovery — whether next month or a millennium from now — will be received much the way that news of planets orbiting far off stars has filtered in since the 1990s.

“The general public is going to be, ‘Oh, I knew that. I knew it was going to be there,'” Brother Consolmagno told Catholic News Service prior to a presentation at a NASA/Library of Congress symposium on preparing for the discovery of life in the universe Sept. 18-19.

A planetary scientist who has studied meteorites and asteroids as an astronomer with the Vatican Observatory since 1993, Brother Consolmagno said he hopes the questions about life on other planets will focus more on how humanity sees itself.

“When we say human, human as compared to what?” he asked.

While the discovery of life elsewhere will not prove nor disprove the existence of God, Brother Consolmagno expects that it will open the door to ponder what form salvation history may take in other intelligent societies.

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4 thoughts on “Vatican astronomer: Just a matter of time until life found elsewhere in the universe”

  1. My own guess is that life elsewhere in the universe is likely to be either plant or animal life similar to what we have here, yet different in certain aspects.
    The guess is that we all have a common origin with God. If God has indeed created everything, only God knows whether or not it is compatible with our own life on this planet.

    That this life may also have different cultures and philosophies is either the greatest discovery of our time or it will follow the censorship of the Catholic Church in a vain attempt to keep such knowledge from the general public. History teaches us how religion reacts to new discoveries that are disturbing to our basic belief systems.
    The other problem with compatibility will be if we are contaminated with viruses and disease we have no natural immunity to. I see this as a major problem with close by planets like Mars and Venus. Mars especially worries me in this regard because it is likely that it might have evolved similar life to our own on a microscopic level. If it did, then just like in South America, when the Spanish brought diseases back to Europe, it is likely that those alien life forms might be tracked back to Earth.
    Just like basic childhood illnesses in the Pacific brought fatal disease to the inhabitances of places like Hawaii in our history.
    The most likely places to find life in this Solar System are places like Europa. I suggest in the outer solar system, that only places close to a source of heat will be likely to have life. That heat in combination with water might be the key to life in our Solar System.
    I have found a pattern. The pattern is we have gas giants with hydrogen and Helium atmospheres. We have a large number of small objects like the Earth and the Moon that have nickel/iron heavy element cores. I suggest these two kinds of planet came from entirely different sources.
    The most likely source for planets like our own is Brown Dwarf Stars in the process of disintegration after a life of many times that of gas stars like the Sun. I suggest that Brown Dwarf Stars might be full of the heavier elements so common in the form of moons in our Solar System.

    The key is water. Water is known to be extremely explosive when captured beneath hot lava.
    That would be how planets with heavy elements are born.
    It could also be key to the formation of life as we know it. If there is a planet out there that is hot cored with a water-based ocean on it then IF it periodiocally comes into our own Solar System it is very likely that it could plant life where ever life is likely to survive.

  2. Will the discovery of life on other planets lead to the obvious conclusion that everything that we were taught by the church is incorrect? We must take theology back to the primary question and that is, did god create man or did man create god. I believe that man created god and the vatican people are just trying to preserve their privileged way of life. I would probably do the same if I had been given a crimson beanie by the direct conduit to god. “Ite missa est!”

    • I believe that “gods” did exist on this planet about 5-20,000 years ago. They were worshipped by mankind and mankind were their slaves.
      They set up a society of educated slaves called priests.
      Then something happened about 500 years before Christ. They found out something that caused the lot of them to leave the planet. I think it might have been a nuclear style war that showed they were not truly immortal. With radioactive clouds and radioactive rain, they too were mortal. So they got in their ships and left.
      What was left were all the educated priests that worshipped them. Suddenly the “gods” were not available. No problem! They invented ways around the gods showing up and performing miracles with their technology.
      About that same time period the Jews still had their God available to them. So the exclusive one God that we know as the creator of Earth and the Heavens came about. That this “God” is more powerful than any of the phony gods is self evident. That he ran around in a huge tornado type cloud is documented very well in Moses and the Bible.
      Thus, in the bible, you have Jehovah, the “Living God” of Israel.
      It says right in the Bible that “God” is not human.

      It says in the first chapter of Genesis that humans are made in “Our Image.” Meaning that the ones that created mankind made them to look like themselves.
      The God I believe in is not human. There is considerable significance in the statements in the bible about Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I believe the phony gods got caught. I believe they were forbidden to come back here under penalty of the wrath of our God. I think we are basically under observation and isolated from the Universe right now.
      God is both here, there, and everywhere in time. That means he is capable of being anywhere in time while still being here amongst us.

      The closest description I can come up with is the Universe has a living operating system capable of changing anything in it all the way back to the beginning of time. IF God decides, then that means anything in this space/time universe is capable of being changed. That God chooses not to change something to me means there is a purpose behind everything that God allows.
      In such a Universe, God can and has chosen possibly many planets to have life on them.
      I think Jesus Christ was born and designed to take over the destiny of this planet or to take those He chooses to another planet designed for our benefit.
      I think the critical event is when our technology reaches the point where mankind can reach for physical immortality. Nothing is immortal that we know about. But there are things that live an extremely long time.
      When that happens, I believe God will send Jesus back. I think at that time this planet may be either re-created or destroyed.

  3. The Roman Catholic Church is deceived and unknowingly making the way for The Great Deception…..
    When the time is right the Pope will deliver a speech about contact from ET’s and the world will swoon as more people believe in Aliens than God. How far our once great country under God has fallen……..
    There is a term called ” The Rapture ” and it refers to the sudden disappearance of millions of people off the face of this fallen world. Jesus is coming for those that love Him and who obey His Commandments and He will take them to heaven with Him.
    The rulers of this fallen world need something to say lol er like What Happened . So the story will be that those horrible Christians were creating bad karma haha and they have been taken to be corrected or some other made up story.
    This is a Spiritual War for your Soul……be prepared and DONT BE LEFT BEHIND.

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