What I Just Saw In The Sky Has Really Shaken Me Up

I just had a very unusual experience.  I went outside to pray this morning, and as I got around to the front of my house I saw something extremely strange in the sky.  There weren’t many clouds at all, and it was a very sunny day, but directly above the mountains there was an extremely intricate cloud formation that was incredibly beautiful.  Do you know how many Christian organizations use the symbol of fire to represent the Holy Spirit?  That is what it looked like.  I have included an example of what I am talking about, but what I saw was much more intricate than this photo.

I stared up at the cloud formation and as I continued walking and praying the thought occurred to me that I should go grab my camera and take a photo of it.  As I was thinking about this, I did another lap around my house, and I could not see the cloud formation on the back side of the house.

But once I got around to the front of my house again, the cloud formation had completely dissipated.  And that was also extremely strange, because it was an extremely calm, sunny day and none of the other clouds in the sky had moved.

I started meditating about what this could mean, and it occurred to me that if the cloud formation had just slowly drifted apart that I could have dismissed what I just experienced as a coincidence.  The fact that it was there for a few moments and then was suddenly gone on a day when the skies were extremely calm otherwise could indicate that it was not a coincidence.

So what do you all think this could mean?