Which Religions Would Have The Hardest Time Accepting Alien Life?


At Scientific American, Clara Moskowitz has the transcript from a recent interview with Weintraub, in which they discuss the implications of extraterrestrial life on humanity’s assorted religious sensibilities. Here’s Weintraub on the difficulties that could be faced by religions that see humans as “the sole focus of God’s attention”:

The religions that see the world through that viewpoint tend to be some of the Christian evangelicals. The Eastern Orthodox Church, a branch of Catholicism, also has that view.

There are some people who claim that if God had created extraterrestrials, then there clearly would be words in the Old and New testaments, which we would have already found, that would have said explicitly that God created extraterrestrials—and since those words don’t exist, there can’t be. Well, there’s nothing in the Old and New testaments that talks about telephones either, and telephones do seem to exist.

As for which religions would accept the existence of alien life most readily, Weintraub points to the expansive cosmological scope of Buddhism as an indication that practitioners of that belief system “wouldn’t be surprised to find life existing in other places.” Mormonism, too, he says, is “pretty interesting”:

There is a clear belief in Mormonism in extraterrestrial life. All Mormons have as a goal to become exalted, to become a god. To become a god you effectively get your own planet with your own creatures on it and you’ll take good care of them. The only place in the universe where you have the opportunity to become exalted is Earth. Those Mormons that receive the highest level of exaltation will be equals with God and have their own worlds, occupied with living beings seeking their own salvation and immortality. The prophet Joseph Smith taught that these worlds are or will be inhabited by sentient beings. It is everywhere taken for granted. They’re not vague at all. There’s no doubt that the Mormons are comfortable about the idea that there are others on other worlds. They’d be unhappy if we didn’t find anybody. But they’d just say we haven’t looked hard enough.

The interview is definitely worth reading in its entirety (for the section on whether Jesus saved the Klingons as well as humanity, alone), so check it out over at SciAm.

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  1. Man has a difficult time accepting the differences between various racial groups. It goes to war against people of different belief systems than their own. (I refer particularly to the Muslim sect) So what makes anyone think that any major religion would accept that the Earth is not flat and we are not the center of the Universe? Don’t believe that they still believe this? Then why do they describe heaven as being in the skies and hell as being beneath our feet?
    We are still dealing with the concept of what happens to a person after they die. There are well over 1000 belief systems concerning death.
    Then there is the scientific community disgracing themselves with their own “scientific” system.
    Forensics tells the truth as far as it goes. The body dies, it goes back to disintegrating in the grave. At the end of a couple of hundred years there is probably a bone structure left.
    But there are all kinds of after-death experiences that tell a different story. We are talking about the life force itself becoming something else after it leaves the body. Every religion on the planet has a different idea of what hapepns next. Science is no different than a religion in that regard.
    I suggest the entire planet is quarantined until it grows up enough to not damage any alien life that decided to contact us.
    I think one of the critical agendas is when a semi-intelligent species actually acquires the technology to destroy itself and the planet upon which it lives. We are there. We have been there since 1945.
    The question is not whether or not life exists elsewhere in the Universe. The question with so big a place is why hasn’t it contacted us yet?
    The answer is the lethal combination of characters controlling the planet and how they would react to outside life?
    We cannot even discuss beliefs with certain groups running around the planet crucifying people for their belief systems. ISIS comes to mind when I speak of this. But the historical Roman Catholic Church was burning people at the stake as little as 500 years ago for believing that we orbited around the Sun. That must be embarrassing for a group that claims to be perfect and never make mistakes.
    Some of those people actually have atomic bombs at their disposal. That scares me.
    Then you have the corrupt system that allows all kinds of things to occur in this country. Things like forcing a minister to perform ceremonies of marriage for gays against their own belief system. What stupid judge allowed that to happen? Well there is a lot of money overturning that decision to be made by lawyers in a corrupt court system that needs a lot of revision. The only person they can force to perform a ceremony of any kind should be a government official like a judge in a court house.
    Personally I defend the right of people to believe whatever they want to, however they want to, as long as they harm no others.
    Now we take an alien culture with its own religious beliefs into the mix. Don’t think it is going to happen though it might.
    The Bible, the Koran, and other documents dating way back in history do describe superior alien beings. One actually describes Enoch taken from the Earth and visiting neighboring Solar Systems. He is supposed to have reappeared on Earth about 1500 years later. That does correlate with present theories of science that time would slow down on a ship traveling close to the speed of light. People in the Bible would have no way of knowing about this from their technical knowledge of the Universe.
    Our own genetic makeup suggests at some point in pre-history we were altered. Every closely related critter on the planet has 48 chromosomes. We have two chromosomes that are inherited generation to generation and are double the size of the rest. We have 46 chromosomes. That suggests a marker differing us from the apes and other critters supposedly related to us. We are all mammals. That is a rather broad classification of an enormous number of critters. There is suggested in world history that a small group of extremely long lived individuals represented themselves as “gods” to mankind. They ruled over us for many thousands of years. They actually mixed their biological programming with ours to produce “demigods” with extreme talents that we still do not understand. That suggests a common origin with our own.
    I think they had a nuclear war between India and China in prehistory. They ended up polluting the entire planet with radiation. It is a wonder than any life survived. I think they deliberately created a world wide flood to eliminate the polluted people “demigods” because they were afraid of the results of their messing with human women. Then after they started the human race over with a much reduced lifespan, they left. For what reason is anyone’s guess. I think they became mortal when the radiation hit. But I have no idea what happened other than stray references in prehistory documents. India has an enormous amount of ancient documents that no one touches. Why? I think it is because those documents do not agree with most major religions on what actually happened.
    The question in mind is: If we have an enormous number of different alien cultures throughout the galaxy, then is there a “Prime Directive” against contact with us until we reach a certain technological level? If such a “DIrective” does exist then it has been violated by at least one of those species far in advance of our own. What penalty did they have to pay when they violated that “Prime Directive”? When was it discovered they had violated that directive?
    I find it extremely suspicious that we have direct evidence of human life on this planet dating back somewhere between 120,000 and 200,000 years. It takes a civilization less than 2,000 years to become literate enough to leave documents known as history. Yet even the most optomistic people can only find documents dating back 20,000 years. And that is paintings on a cave.
    There is plenty of evidence of alien life. The bible describes a tower of Babel in which all of mankind’s language ability was confused and a civilization destroyed. In another place it describes a flood that destroyed a lot of mankind.
    It seems to me we are being monitored and culled when we reach a certain point of technology.
    So the real question is not whether or not there is alien life. The real question is what are they going to do to us when they interfere with our development?
    How closely are they related to us biologically? If they have had children with human women in our past, then that suggests a common biological origin for both of our species. Or are the aliens from a different section of space than the ones that lorded themselves over our ancestors?
    If the Bible is correct, they altered our lifespans from approximately 900 years down to about 75-120 years. If it is correct and I believe it is, then the same people destroyed at least several billion people when the flood occurred. To me that suggests that we are an experiment deliberately advanced beyond our original purpose to a level similar to but not as smart as the people that we were copied from.
    People with 900 year lifespans obviously over ran the planet with people. Such a species could not continue to support a population with food. So the alternative was probably to cull the herd and give them a lifespan so population did not get out of hand.
    Suspiciously, we are at that point right now with 7 billion people on the planet. Are we about to be sent back to the stone age and many of the population of the planet killed to make room for the survivors? It is possible. One sign would be plans over multiple generations that only concluded many generations later. I see that happening.
    6/7ths of this planet is ocean. Our scientists are still guessing how that occurred. I suggest we might have had a near collision with a much larger world with oceans all over it.
    This entire planet is made up of heavy elements. Most of the massive planets in the solar system are surrounded by moons also made of heavy elements. Yet our scientists won’t touch that subject. Why?
    In order for heavy elements to form, you have to have a lot more time involved than our current Sun suggests.
    So those heavy element bodies had to come from somewhere else.
    The only long lived stars in our Galaxy are Brown Dwarf Stars. They have heavy elements on them. A brown dwarf in the last stages of its life might be 10 to 20 times older than the Sun. It might be as small as Neptune or as large as 10 or even 20 times the size of Jupiter.
    If one is breaking up, it would provide a lot of heavy element objects.
    Our immediate neighborhood of stars has large numbers of brown dwarf stars in it. Our nearest discovered neighbor is a triple star system. One of which is a brown dwarf.
    All of which may or may not have life forms on them. It would depend on how hot the dwarf is and how hot the neighboring stars upon which it is orbiting are. There is nothing that says a Brown Dwarf might not have an atmosphere of its own if it is cool enough.
    Planets developing around such a star would possibly have a combination of heavy gases and water in abundance. That could develop into life. These stars could have life far in advance of anything that has developed here. The question is what kind of life?
    We basically have a balanced ecosystem of plants and animals. Such a thing could occur elsewhere. It is not necessarily life that is either planet or animal.

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