White Nationalist, KKK Member Who Marched in Charlottesville Baptized by Those He Once Hated

(Faithwire) “I said I was a grand dragon of the KKK, and then the Klan wasn’t hateful enough for me, so I decided to become a Nazi — and a lot of them, their jaws about hit the floor and their eyes got real big,” Parker recalls. “But after the service, not a single one of them had anything negative to say. They’re all coming up and hugging me and shaking my hand, you know, building me up instead of tearing me down.”

Then on July 21, exchanging his green robe for a white one, Parker was baptized by McKinnon, a sign of repentance and his dedication to the Lord. After he was baptized, he was surrounded by church body members, all waiting to give him hugs.

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