Who’s going to pay? The average cost to treat an Ebola patient could run as high as half a million dollars

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Caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the Dallas Ebola patient, may cost as much as $500,000, a bill that his hospital is unlikely to ever collect. Duncan is in critical condition at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, where he has been isolated since Sept. 28. He’s on a ventilator, has been given an experimental medicine and is receiving kidney dialysis, a hospital spokeswoman said Tuesday. His treatment probably includes fluids replacement, blood transfusions and drugs to maintain blood pressure. There’s also the cost of security, disposing of Ebola-contaminated trash and equipment to protect caregivers. The bill may eventually total $500,000 including indirect costs such as the disruption to other areas of hospital care, said Dan Mendelson, chief executive officer of Avalere Health, a Washington consulting firm. Duncan’s care probably costs $18,000 to $24,000 a day, said Gerard Anderson, a health policy professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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1 thought on “Who’s going to pay? The average cost to treat an Ebola patient could run as high as half a million dollars”

  1. The man died.
    Lot of good it did him to get himself to one of our hospitals. It did not work. He did infect others. Thanks a lot.
    Now we have other cases cropping up because he came here.
    You ask who will pay? We will all pay in the end. If this goes virile then we are all in a lot of trouble.
    Under Medicare, they pay 80%. How long will that last? Medicare will go bankrupt if there are too many cases. The paperwork alone is going to be staggering. Plus most patients will die?
    Under Medicaid, after you exhaust all your resources, they start paying. Lot of good it did to work your entire life and save money under this plan! Don’t work. Don’t save. The Congress has your back! Not! They do have their own back with Walter Reed Hospital.
    The problem is there is no cure. If you get infected you are most likely the walking dead. This man was alive and well 3-4 weeks ago.
    There are experimental cures that may or may not work somewhere down the road. Logistically it is impossible to get a cure out there fast enough to help.
    The only chance I see is if we close the transportation facilities down. We close our borders period. And I would suggest we round up all those illegal immigrants as fast as we can. That needs to be done all over the world.
    Our country is ruled by idiots. I do not see any of this occurring. I do see procrastination. I do see an agenda by the President to let everyone and his brother in regardless of the long term consequences to the country. Well, that just might get him lynched somewhere down the road if the consequences are bad enough. And it looks like a disaster is about to happen.
    To have martial law, you will have to have the loyalty of the military. If the military sees their own families down with Ebola because of this President, I am not sure he will have that loyalty. What I do see is that there might be a public outcry to end all public outcries if this thing hits because of his foolishness. The big mistake is opening up the borders of the country. The biggest mistake is not shutting down all the transportation and stopping the spread of the disease. Sending troops into the middle of all this mess? That also is foolish.
    If you are a Democrat, pay close attention. Your only chance of getting re-elected is a complete disassociation with Obama.
    I see a lot of Democrats attempting to do just that.
    The problem is your voting record in the last Congress says something very different than a disassociation with Obama.
    Any person going against you for election is likely to bring that record up just before the election.
    When you think of Ebola I suggest you think of the flu virus. Only this is not a flu virus but something far more deadly. Apparently it is far more catching than anyone in control has realised. Unless it is contained with very strict methods, I think we are truly in a lot of trouble.

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