Will Franklin Graham Lead An Evangelical Exodus From The Republican Party?

Franklin Graham - Photo by Leszek Janczuk

Franklin Graham, who heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, posted on Facebook yesterday that he plans to leave the Republican Party. His growing frustration highlights growing (and sometimes paradoxical) anger that pro-life and evangelical Christian leaders have for Republican Party leadership.

Graham took to Facebook to rip Republicans in the wake of a spending bill the House passed last week that maintains federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

“Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps!” Graham wrote, referring to videos that showed Planned Parenthood officials discussing their fetal tissue donation program. “That should’ve been all that was needed to turn off the faucet for their funding.

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1 thought on “Will Franklin Graham Lead An Evangelical Exodus From The Republican Party?”

  1. For so long the political parties have gotten by with murder, literally in this country.
    What took you so long, America, to bring consequences to the table?
    The main reason John Bohner retired is because of consequences.
    The average person in this country is ignorant or apathetic as to what goes on.
    HBO ran a series on just this problem. It was called Boardwalk Empire. The main character is a corrupt leader of the Republican Party in or about 1927-1931. Apparently based on an individual that actually lived in that time.
    This man was an expert manipulator of church folk.
    Nothing much has changed since then.
    When the Democrat/Republican Party originally took over in this country they set up opposing teams for people to vote for. That was smart. They also imposed a system of law that discouraged any further independent parties from getting control over the Congress.
    Well, Guests and Fish smell in three days.
    This party smells a lot worse after 8 decades of no control and no votes against them strong enough to bring them down.
    You know it is bad when the entire media is controlled so that even news is sparse.
    If it is embarrassing news it is likely classified.
    Meaning it is illegal to expose them.
    When kids can be arrested for using a cell phone camera exposing embarrassing footage of a cop abusing a child in school.
    When someone brave enough to expose them is in exile with our enemies of the world.
    When a President is using a false social security number.
    When there is doubt as to his birth certificate in Hawaii.
    When the Congress votes on things they haven’t even read.
    I wish you luck Mr. Graham because the rats own this country at this point in time.
    They have owned it for a very long time now.
    The only reason a Ted Cruz or a Donald Trump has even a slight chance of over coming this bunch is they have corrupted the system so well that they themselves are likely to lose a great deal of money in the near future if it is not straightened out.
    Jesus Christ is unlikely to return if history be the judge. And I would not blame him for not returning. Because if and when that ever happens lying will no longer work and if Jesus is as smart as I think He is, there will be an army at his back when he does come, and he will be judge and jury for a whole bunch of people.
    That army will not be human!
    What should have happened many years ago is a break from the corrupt Republican Party by all Christians. Those same Christians should have policed every vote made in Congress by their party. Instead, this party is the party of whores. It is the party devoted to the rich for the rich.
    The Democrats are worse. They are the party supposedly for the working man. Yet they are clearly on the Devil’s payroll concerning a whole bunch of morale issues including Planned Parenthood and abortion.
    It was a Democrat that sold jobs down the river with a treaty with Mexico.
    SO neither party really represents the people they say they do.

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