Woman Stripped Naked, Pepper Sprayed And Left In A Holding Cell For Hours By Police

Police Brutality

Stripped naked, pepper sprayed, and left in a holding cell alone for hours – that’s what an Indiana woman was subjected to after an arrest for misdemeanor offenses.

Tabitha Gentry was arrested by Indiana State Police on March 30 for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest (two misdemeanors), following an alleged domestic dispute with her estranged husband.

Gentry was taken to the Floyd County Jail, which is operated by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department.

Her attorney, Laura Landenwich, reviewed the jail surveillance video with Gretchen Carlson of FoxNews.

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1 thought on “Woman Stripped Naked, Pepper Sprayed And Left In A Holding Cell For Hours By Police”

  1. There are thousands of these stories with Lawyers going after them in court and winning civil suits against the cities involved that are responsible for NOT firing them. It takes years in court to get satisfaction and then the lawyers take a lot of the money.
    A lot of the problem is our fight against drugs. Judges and police seem to have the idea that no one has any constitutional rights IF drugs are involved or potentially involved.
    The civil courts obviously disagree strongly with them on that point.
    Our entire police system is based on self-policing through Internal Affairs. These people are human. They side far too often with the Fraternal Order of Police rather than with the public.
    After 4 years and a lot of legal stuff, one case was settled for 600,000 dollars. A third of that went to the lawyer. The case was sealed to prevent anyone knowing just exactly what cost that money.
    The police walked away without any judicial punishment.
    Basically we need a better way of doing things. This is not even the appearance of justice.
    Letting police run crazy against people that have not been proven guilty of any crime has to be illegal. Anarchy is wrong. Police running without controls is a form of Anarchy.
    Historically, the end result of this kind of Anarchy is a reaction of violence against the very police doing this. It will not happen in the majority of cases. But the exceptions are always tragic on both sides of the law.
    Police have to be trained to follow the law and not invent it as they go along.
    Judges need to be removed from office when they sign warrants without proper justification.
    The entire law against drugs has to be within the legal constitution of the country or it is plain mob violence by police people. It is not the way a justice system should work and there are enough real law officials out there that know it.
    The one crime that should result in jail sentences and a firing with prejudice against ever serving as an officer of the law ever again, is planting any kind of evidence on the victim. Such as a weapon planted on a dead person to justify killing that person. Any officer that observes this kind of action has 24 hours to report it or be deemed an accessory to the crime. A lot of officers feel that is ratting out a fellow police person. I feel it is the height of conduct unbecoming.
    One way to stop it cold is to separate the Internal Affairs from the police department and make it totally independent of the department. That means giving them the authority to suspend any officer of the law all the way to the top pending an investigation of any suspected crime.
    What we are doing is not working. So we have to change the way we are dealing with drugs and with people in general.
    Figuring out a way that works, now that is the real challenge.

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