114th Congress Heavily Religious According to Pew Survey; Close to 92 Percent ‘Christian’


The 114th Congress, which is to be sworn in on Tuesday, is heavily religious in its makeup, a Pew Research Center study has revealed. Close to 92 percent of representatives identify as Christians, which is almost 20 percent more than the general population, while only a single member is religiously unaffiliated.

Pew published the results of its survey on Monday, and included a table offering a side-by-side comparison of the religion makeup of members of Congress as opposed to the general population of America.

The survey queried all 491 members in Congress, and found that 57.2 percent identify as Protestants – more than the 49 percent of the American public. Another 164 members or 30.7 percent of Congress members identified as Roman Catholic, compared to 22 percent of the population. Furthermore, 5.2 percent of Congress is Jewish, while only 2 percent of Americans answered the same.

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2 thoughts on “114th Congress Heavily Religious According to Pew Survey; Close to 92 Percent ‘Christian’”

  1. The only way to tell for sure if your congress person happens to be a Christian is to watch how they vote on things like abortion, planned parenthood funding, and other things that pertain to being a Christian.
    So how come Planned Parenthood was funded?
    Compromises are often deals with the Devil and that is very apparent right now.
    To get what they want, Congress often makes deals. Funding an agency that is for abortion is one of them.
    There are Christians and then there are real Christians. It is politically correct to have a Christian religious background and declare oneself Christian. The true test is the fruit of their labors.

  2. They can say anything they want. But their actions, would seem to indicate otherwise. I can say, I am an albatross, it does not mean I can fly.

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