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“It’s all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged,” said Colorado Senator Michael Bennet over an open C-Span mic during debate on the Food Safety Act. “The fact that we don’t get to a discussion before the break about what we’re going to do in the lame duck. It’s just rigged.”

Despite massive protests, the U.S. Senate has easily passed S. 510 - the "Food Safety Modernization Act".

Fortunately, an amendment was put into S. 510 which includes exemptions for farmers selling less than $500,000 each year that directly market to consumers in a 275 mile area.

After posting thousands of secret government documents, WikiLeaks came under an electronic attack designed to make it unavailable to users, the whistle-blower website said Tuesday.

The United Nations on Monday issued a harsh response to a WikiLeaks revelation that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered staff to spy on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other organization officials.

The United States believes that North Korea is supplying Iran with long-range missiles, suggesting Iran has strike capabilities that are stronger than discussed in public, according to one of the leaked U.S. diplomatic cables released Sunday.

North Korea claimed Tuesday that it is has "thousands of centrifuges" working to create nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

The U.S. has snubbed Chinese proposals to ease the Korean confrontation through emergency multiparty talks including the North, with a White House spokesman dismissing the suggestion as a "PR activity".

Government ministers from the United States, Japan and South Korea will sit down in Washington early next month to grapple with the tensions in the Koreas, South Korea's Foreign Affairs Ministry said Tuesday.

Two car bomb blasts killed an Iranian nuclear scientist and wounded another in Tehran on Monday.

Prof. Majid Shahriari, who died when his car was attacked in North Tehran Monday, Nov. 29, headed the team Iran established for combating the Stuxnet virus rampaging through its nuclear and military networks.

Germany could play a central role in finding a solution to the Mideast conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday after a meeting with German President Christian Wulff in Jerusalem.

European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton will hold two days of talks with Iran's nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili next week, the first high-level discussions with Tehran on nuclear issues in 14 months.

The U.S. believes Russia has moved short-range tactical nuclear warheads to facilities near North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies as recently as this spring, U.S. officials say, adding to questions in Congress about Russian compliance with long-standing pledges ahead of a possible vote on a new arms-control treaty.

The military operation to clear a Rio de Janeiro slum of drug traffickers will effectively turn into an occupation of the area at least through October of next year, Brazilian Gov. Sergio Cabral said in a radio interview Tuesday.

A 15-year-old Wisconsin high school student who held 23 students and a teacher hostage on Monday has died.

About 2 million people are expected to stop receiving unemployment checks in December.

Irate federal workers in New York had a few choice words for Barack Obama's decision Monday to freeze their wages for the next two years.

Stocks fell Tuesday as fear of contagion from the European debt crisis continued to rattle investors.

The French parliament passed a law last week allowing 36 billion Euros to be seized from the French reserve pension fund to be used to pay off the debts of France’s welfare system.

Hungary is giving its citizens an ultimatum: move your private-pension fund assets to the state or lose your state pension.

On this past Black Friday, the American people demonstrated once again that they are willing to trample their neighbors in order to get great deals on cheap foreign-made plastic crap.

Westinghouse Electric, now controlled by Toshiba, is handing over 75,000 documents in a technology transfer to win a bid to build reactors in China.

As of the end of October 2010, foreclosure inventories are 7.4 times historical averages and rising.

It looks like U.S. home prices are starting to go down again.

Sunspots are moving in direct correlation with activity in the markets and they are predicting a crisis in about three years, technical analyst Charles Nenner told CNBC Monday.

The latest case of TSA tyranny to hit the headlines comes in the form of a young mother who was subjected to enhanced groping and then shut inside a screening box for almost an hour by agents after she refused to allow them to put her breast milk through an x-ray device, a legitimate request that is even written into the TSA’s own guidelines.

There are currently no plans to subject airline passengers to any additional physical searches beyond the enhanced pat-downs put in place at all airports Nov. 1, the nation's aviation security chief said Tuesday.

TSA, Homeland Security and local police have initiated “VIPER team” security check points at Tampa area bus stations, proudly expanding airport-style security in the name of “keeping us safe”.

Wearing a mask while protesting outside a residence without telling D.C. police first could now get you arrested.

Pedestrians should think twice before jaywalking in downtown L.A. -- or they could walk away with a $191 fine.

Is using a forged Social Security Number -- but your own name -- to obtain employment or buy a car an identity theft crime? Lately, U.S. courts are saying that it's not.

Four clones of Dolly the Sheep have been made by the scientist behind the original genetic research, it has been reported.

Global warming alarmists meeting in Cancun Mexico this week will propose the forced relocation of entire populations in the name of offsetting "man made climate change".

Some climate change "experts" are even calling for Second World War-style rationing in rich countries to bring down carbon emissions.

UN scientists are to consider moves such as putting giant mirrors in space and sprinkling iron in the sea in an attempt to cut global warming, the head of the IPCC has said.

Two national-security experts have issued a report through the Heritage Foundation that warns Obama administration officials to start working now to prevent – and mitigate the damage from – an electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States because of the potential for "unimaginable devastation."

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck off Japan's southern coast Tuesday, shaking a broad swath of the country and swaying buildings in downtown Tokyo.

Many big volcanoes around the globe are rumbling and are threatening to erupt.

The name of Philadelphia's German Christmas Village adjacent to City Hall has been changed to "Holiday Village" because some people have objected to the word "Christmas".

Bruce Van Natta is telling the story of how angels literally saved his life.

Barack Obama says that a new report from the Pentagon proves that the military can drop its "Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy toward gays without damaging its mission.

Lastly, the federally funded National Portrait Gallery, one of the museums of the Smithsonian Institution, is currently showing an exhibition that features images of an ant-covered Jesus, male genitals, naked brothers kissing, men in chains, Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts, and a painting the Smithsonian itself describes in the show's catalog as "homoerotic."

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The latest headlines from The Most Important News....

U.S. and South Korean warships began military exercises on Sunday in the Yellow Sea despite warnings from North Korea.

North Korea said Sunday that the Korean Peninsula is now in a state of "ultra-emergency".

South Korean are wondering if they should start looking for cover as North Korea threatened to launch a "sea of fire" over military drills in the Yellow Sea with the US military.

South Korea mistakenly fired an artillery shell toward the southern side of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Sunday afternoon and soon sent a message to North Korea that the firing was accidental, military officials said.

A mass exodus of North Korean workers from the Far East of Russia is under way, according to reports coming out of the region. As the two Koreas edged towards the brink of war this week, it appears that the workers in Russia have been called back to aid potential military operations.

China is proposing to convene an emergency consultation with members of the six-party talks amid growing tensions on the Korean peninsula, a Chinese official said Sunday.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has instructed all cabinet ministers to remain in Tokyo during the military exercises in order to prepare for any contingency.

Turkey will not remain silent if Israel attacks Lebanon or Gaza, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in Beirut on Thursday, as ties between the longtime allies remained at an all-time low.

A day before parliamentary elections in Egypt, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, said if his movement wins the election, it will work to sever relations with Israel.

The Fatah Revolutionary Council concluded its fifth convention in Ramallah over the weekend by declaring its refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The council also urged the Palestinian Authority leadership to work toward foiling a new Israeli law requiring a referendum before any withdrawal from Jerusalem and the Golan Heights that has not been passed by two thirds of the Knesset.

An employee of the nuclear plant near Isfahan, who was kidnapped by a separatist group in Iran, has revealed the true goals of the Iranian nuclear program – developing nuclear weapons.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is proposing a European free trade zone that would stretch from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

Russia is closer then ever to getting into the WTO.

More than 100,000 Irish citizens took to the streets of Dublin on Sunday to protest against the international bailout and four years of austerity.

Newspapers in Europe and the United States began publishing details of tens of thousands of confidential U.S. diplomatic documents released by Wikileaks on Sunday, spawning condemnation from the White House and congressional leaders.

U.S. home sales continue to drop at an alarming pace.

The amount of red tape that many U.S. businesses now have to deal with is absolutely incredible.

Consumer spending currently accounts for an astounding 70 percent of GDP in the United States.

The FDIC problem bank list is now up to a whopping 919 banks.

The chair of the FDIC is warning that U.S. federal debt held by the public could rise from 62 percent of gross domestic product this year to 185 percent in 2035.

A Michigan man told police that he didn't want his three young sons around when he attempted to hang himself in his home.

The European Union has approved a massive rescue package for Ireland which, if drawn down in its entirety today, would attract an average interest rate of 5.83 per cent.

European officials are doing their best to contain the growing debt crisis that is sweeping the continent.

Some Spanish banks are so desperate for funding that they are now offering 5 percent interest on deposits.

The number of very poor countries has doubled in the last 30 to 40 years, while the number of people living in extreme poverty has also grown two-fold, a UN think-tank warned Thursday.

One of Australia's biggest banks is scrambling to process payments to millions of customers, who potentially face days of uncertainty about when they will be able to access their money.

Preliminary reports of Black Friday sales are starting to come in. The verdict so far: The crowds were bigger and people walked away with arms full of goodies, but shoppers spent only modestly more this year.

Three women in West Palm Beach, Florida, say $1,000 worth of Best Buy merchandise was stolen from their car Friday morning within minutes of being purchased.

Unruly Wal-Mart shoppers in Sacramento, California prompted an evacuation of the store on Black Friday.

Obama administration officials are looking at the possibility of codifying detention without trial and are awaiting legislation that is supposed to come out of Congress early next year.

As part of a new expansion of government power over information, the Department of Homeland Security has begun seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial.

It is being reported that the Department of Homeland Security is blocking the shipping of any NON-COMMERCIAL parcel into the United States that weighs more than 0.9 pounds (under 16 ounces) until they are supplied with the Social Security number (or taxpayer ID number) of the person receiving the package.

A Miami man whose beating at the hands of police was captured on cell phone video has been charged with resisting arrest without violence, a charge his lawyer says came from nothing more than the man's attempts to cover his head from the blows.

New research indicates that THz waves (such as those produced by the new airport body scanners) unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann says that Fox News must fire Judge Napolitano for being a 9/11 truther.

Most Americans don't realize that Agenda 21 is a direct assault on private property rights and American sovereignty, and that it could soon be coming to a neighborhood near them.

The aviation and space press buzzed last week with the news that NASA had quietly moved its two long-grounded X-34 space planes from open storage at the space agency’s Dryden center — located on Edwards Air Force Base in California — to a test pilot school in the Mojave Desert.

The controversial animal disease research laboratory, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, located on the relatively remote island off the tip of Long Island will be moving to the heartland of America, Manhattan, Kansas, some time on or around 2014.

Meat and milk from cloned cows is safe to eat, the UK government's leading food scientist has ruled. is promoting some absolutely mind blowing deals for "Cyber Monday".

A major evangelical organization which supports a complementarian position on manhood and womanhood says the newest translation of the NIV Bible is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the TNIV, although the group says it still cannot endorse it because it contains many of the same problems.

The Canadian bill seeking to enshrine special rights for so-called “transsexuals”, which has been labeled a “bathroom bill” because it would allow men to use women’s bathrooms, is at grave risk of passing as early as next week.

A new word has been coined for the growing number of straight women who flirt with bisexuality... flexisexual.

In January, the National Right to Life Committee provided a new analysis of the total number of abortions done in the 37 years since the Roe v. Wade decision. The Supreme Court handed down its controversial ruling — allowing virtually unlimited abortions at any time throughout pregnancy — in January 1973. The NRLC analysis found that 52 million unborn children had been killed in abortions as of January.

Lastly, actor Mark Ruffalo has been placed on a terror advisory list by U.S. officials after organizing screenings for a new documentary about natural gas drilling.

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The latest headlines from The Most Important News....

North Korea will launch additional attacks on South Korea if it continues "reckless military provocation," North Korean state media said Thursday.

South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae-young resigned Thursday, according to the South Korean presidency, two days after North Korea shelling left four South Koreans dead.

South Korea's president is vowing to increase the number of troops on the island hit by a North Korean artillery barrage.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his son Jong-un visited coastal areas in South Hwanghae Province and met with General Kim Kyok-sik, the commander of the frontline fourth corps in charge of a Navy base there just before the North shelled Yeonpyeong Island on Tuesday, the South Korean military says.

North Korea is believed to have used a type of bomb that would increase casualties and structural damage when it fired on a South Korean island two days ago, a military source has said.

Admiral Mike Mullen is linking the armed conflict between the two Koreas to the expected handing down of power  in North Korea from Kim Jong-il to his son Kim Jong-un.

China's premier is calling on all sides to exert "maximum restraint" over renewed tension on the Korean peninsula, adding that Beijing opposes military provocations in any form.

As Israel continues to wait for an official letter outlining the Obama Administration’s commitments to Israel in return for a 90-day Jewish building freeze in areas claimed by the Palestinians, Israeli media reports that the deal appears to be falling apart.

According to a recent poll, the vast majority of the Palestinians still believe that they will eventually take every inch of the land of Israel away from the Jews.

A senior Palestinian Authority official has issued a report saying the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem has no religious significance to Jews and is in fact, holy Muslim property.

Violence in Afghanistan has reached an all-time high, with clashes up fourfold since 2007, the Pentagon has said.

Two governmental military experts with extensive experience working with missiles and computer security systems have examined the television video and conclude the mysterious contrail originating some 30 miles off the coast near Los Angeles did not come from a jet – but rather, they say the exhaust and the billowing plume emanated from a single source nozzle of a missile, probably made in China.

There are disturbing new reports that indicate that some TSA agents have been specifically targeting attractive women for enhanced pat downs.

According to the TSA, panty-liners are now considered to be suspicious objects.

There are new fears that syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses are being readily transferred to travelers since TSA agents do not change gloves between each pat down.

One local news station has learned that a TSA security worker accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a woman had previously been convicted of misdemeanor harassment and stalking.

It turns out that on "National Opt Out Day" the TSA simply turned off the scanners in many of the big airports across the U.S. in an apparent attempt to defuse the protest.

The city of Houston is installing 250 to 300 cameras at downtown intersections in an effort to prevent and fight terrorism and crime, part of a security initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

China and Russia have decided to renounce the U.S. dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have announced.

Russia has started adding the Canadian dollar to its international reserves and may increase those holdings in coming months, said Alexei Ulyukayev, first deputy chairman of Russia’s central bank.

In the U.S., both new home sales and existing home sales are down once again.

Home builders had another dismal sales month in October, falling to just one-fifth of the sales rate during the boom five years ago.

According to a recent survey, only 51% of Americans think that today's young people will have a better life than their parents did when it comes to education, housing and an overall standard of living.

The Irish government has unveiled a far-reaching austerity package that includes sweeping budget cuts and huge tax hikes.

Ireland is being called "just one big pyramid scheme".

Portugal was crippled on Wednesday as workers staged a 24-hour strike causing travel chaos and closing schools and hospitals to protest against tough austerity measures designed to tackle the debt crisis.

Now there are reports that several other European nations are in deep financial trouble.

If Spain's finances collapse, will it take down the entire European Union?

The European Commission has launched a new website designed to win over a sceptical British public to the merits of the European Union by dispelling "urban myths".

Could we see the complete collapse of the U.S. dollar in the years ahead?  It may not be so far-fetched.  Just check out this video.

Tom DeLay, one of the most powerful and divisive Republican lawmakers ever to come out of Texas, was convicted Wednesday of money-laundering charges in a state trial, five years after his indictment here forced him to resign as majority leader in the House of Representatives.

NOAA has closed 4,213 square miles of Gulf of Mexico federal waters off Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to royal red shrimping. The precautionary measure was taken after a commercial shrimper, having hauled in his catch of the deep water shrimp, discovered tar balls in his net.

A blogger who endured a four-year stint in an Egyptian prison for his writings has been released, saying he was jailed for defying convention. is rolling out some of the most amazing "Black Friday" deals in their history.

Carrots are supposed to be good for your eyesight, but now doctors say they reduce the risks of suffering from heart disease and can protect against cancer.

A sudden eruption of the Tungurahua volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes sent a column of ash more than 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) into the sky, the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School said Tuesday.

Canada's military is investigating fake calls to military families from a man who informs them that their loved ones have been killed in Afghanistan.

A group of Chinese middle school children recently trashed their school cafeteria, smashing windows, breaking tables and generally laying waste to the place. The students – the school has 4,000, of whom two-thirds live in school during the week – were persuaded to back to their dormitories only after the police rushed to the café 20 minutes after the rampage began.

A group of Chinese fetishists who produced graphic videos of live animals apparently being crushed to death and then posted them online, has caused outrage in China.

Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government’s Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age.

The Southern Poverty Law Center this week labeled as "hate groups" several political and religious organizations that campaign against same-sex marriage.

The University of Arizona is considering a pilot program that would allow students of the opposite sex to live in the same dorm room, an option designed to make gay students feel more comfortable living on campus, the Arizona Republic reported on Monday.

Fox News has turned down an advertisement in support of repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," citing concerns about the ad's factualness.

Lastly, a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 39% of likely U.S. Voters believe the federal government currently operates within the limits established by the Constitution of the United States.

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The latest headlines from The Most Important News....

North Korea fired scores of artillery shells at a South Korean island on Tuesday, killing two soldiers, in one of the heaviest attacks on its neighbor since the Korean War ended in 1953.

The United States condemned North Korea's artillery attack on a South Korean island on Tuesday but said it was too soon to discuss ways the U.S. military might deter the reclusive state from another strike.

Hours after North Korea's deadly artillery attacks Tuesday, South Korea's president said "enormous retaliation" is needed to stop Pyongyang's incitement, but international diplomats urgently appealed for restraint.

Russia sees a 'colossal danger' of an escalation in fighting on the Korean peninsula after North Korea's artillery attacked a South Korean island Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Seoul will consider the deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea in response to North Korea's unveiling of a uranium enrichment facility, Defense Minister Kim Tae-young said Monday.

Stocks plunged on Tuesday after North Korean and South Korean forces clashed, adding geopolitical tensions to an already nervous market, and the Federal Reserve lowered its outlook for economic growth.

Iran's nuclear program has suffered a recent setback, with major technical problems forcing the temporary shutdown of thousands of centrifuges that were enriching uranium.

The U.S. military is sending a contingent of heavily armored battle tanks to Afghanistan for the first time in the nine-year war.

Not only is the Chinese military advancing rapidly in the field of anti-satellite, anti-missile laser weapon technology, but its technology equals or surpasses U.S. laser weapons capabilities currently under development, informed sources have told WorldNetDaily.

Brazil's plans for a massive naval buildup, which would include nuclear-powered submarines, were greeted with concern that the country's huge defense outlay would trigger copycat actions in neighboring Latin American countries.

A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll has found that the new "enhanced pat downs" bother or anger 57% of adult fliers.

Airline passengers aren’t the only ones complaining about the Transportation Security Administration’s new enhanced security procedures. Many TSA employees aren’t too happy, either.

The companies with multimillion-dollar contracts to supply American airports with body-scanning machines more than doubled their spending on lobbying in the past five years and hired several high-profile former government officials to advance their causes in Washington, government records show.

It turns out that TSA agents are groping dozens, if not hundreds, of passengers without changing gloves.

Now even Japanese television shows are making fun of TSA groping.

Barack Obama's job approval rating as calculated by the Zogby poll has now sunk to 39%, a new low for his 22-month presidency that began with so much hope and excitement and poll numbers up around 70.

One version of the Dream Act would allow qualified illegal immigrants up to the age of 35 to gain resident status, prevent the Department of Homeland Security from removing any illegal who has a pending application – regardless of age or criminal record – and offers amnesty to qualified illegals with misdemeanor convictions, even DUIs.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is now the biggest holder of U.S. government debt.

Businesses and other employers added jobs in 41 states in October from September, the best showing in five months, the Labor Department said Tuesday.

The number of properties in foreclosure, with loans 90 days past due or taken back by lenders and not yet listed for sale stood at an eight-month supply at the end of August, three months more than a year earlier.

Banks' declining profits and tighter profit margins will push them to close 5,000 branches nationwide within the next 18 months, bank analyst Meredith Whitney said in a research note on Monday.

Are world financial markets now facing a very serious silver shortage?

The acceptance by the Irish government of the EU bailout has had tremendous consequences.  An extraordinary day in Irish politics ended in a major setback for Brian Cowen's government after his coalition allies forced him to concede an election as soon as his budget goes through.

Now that Ireland has become the second of the fiscally battered euro zone countries to reluctantly accept a rescue package, the question is not whether there will be more bailouts, but who comes next.

The Boeing 737, a “high volume, high-profit machine,” according to analyst Richard Aboulafia, is now under threat from the Chinese C919 after giving away technological secrets in exchange for production of aircraft equipment.

China started allowing the yuan to trade against the Russian rouble in the interbank market from Monday as policymakers promote the currency's use in global trade and finance.

Most Americans don't realize that our massive trade deficit is hollowing out our economy.

A Pew Research poll conducted after the 2010 elections found that a plurality (44 percent) of Americans now believe that NAFTA and the WTO have had a negative impact on America.

Is the U.S. military actively war gaming for "large scale economic meltdowns" and "civil unrest"?

The United States has placed in orbit a vast reconnaissance satellite reputed to be the largest eavesdropping device ever launched into space.

New laws are being drafted up which will give the Department of Homeland Security some amount of regulatory control over private computer networks.

The Federal Communications Commission has a Christmas gift in store for the phone and cable industry: it may move ahead on its controversial net-neutrality regulations three days before Christmas.

It turns out that there are a lot of people in the UK in need of exorcism.

You don't hear about it in the mainstream media, but giant skeletons are still being discovered by archaeologists even today.

A British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) news program, Panorama, reported Monday night that children in Britain are being taught in a Saudi national curriculum on the weekends that some Jews are transformed into pigs and apes.

Lastly, a Saudi man is accused of cutting off part of his maid's lips with scissors, scalding her back with an iron, fracturing her middle finger, and beating her legs until she could hardly walk.

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