22-year-old ‘brat’ blows $90,000 college fund on vacations and clothes and attacks her parents for refusing to use their retirement fund to bail her out

Cash - Public Domain

One 22-year-old incoming college senior is ‘freaking out’ about the fact that she’s already spent her entire college fund a year short of graduation – and has enraged people all over the internet, who think the ‘spoiled brat’ should grow up and get a job.

The young woman, who goes only by Kim, has now called in four times to Atlanta radio’s The Bert Show, each time taking listeners through another aspect of her stressful saga. Despite the fact that her grandparents set her up with a $90,000 college fund that was intended to last for four years, Kim, who is about to start her senior year, has already spent it all on tuition, books, clothes – and vacations.

But initially, instead of taking responsibility and getting a job, Kim blamed her parents for not teaching her how to budget properly – and faced the backlash of others who’ve called her ‘entitled’ and said she needs to get her act together.

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