29-year-old woman: Why I’m taking my own life

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A young woman who has fearlessly run half-marathons and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro now faces a more daunting task: taking her own life.

But Brittany Maynard, 29, insists she’s not the least bit suicidal, People reports. “There is not a cell in my body that is suicidal or that wants to die,” she says. “I want to live. I wish there was a cure for my disease but there’s not.”

Diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, Maynard has moved with her family to Oregon so she can legally kill herself with lethal medication. Experts tell her that death by stage 4 glioblastoma would be “a terrible, terrible way to die,” Maynard says, and “being able to choose to go with dignity is less terrifying.”

Her husband, mother, stepfather, and closest friend (who’s a doctor) will be by her side when she goes.

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1 thought on “29-year-old woman: Why I’m taking my own life”

  1. If my pet cat had this disease, I would have no problem with ending it before the pain got too much to bare. The law allows someone to do that to a pet but not a human being. Humans are a different matter legally. Which is very ironic. There are biblical implications as to why we have those laws.

    There are two plants that supposedly cure cancer. I am no doctor. But Bitter Almond and Bitter Melon supposedly wipe out cancer internally.

    Both of which are on some kind of hit list by the FDA. The pasterized version of the Bitter Almond does not work. Articles this week in Lew Rockwell’s column is where I found this information. It is unverified and I have no idea if it works. The accusation is that it is being withheld by the AMA and the FDA. Cancer is a multiple billion dollar industry.

    With a brain cancer you have to overcome the blood/brain barrier as far as I know. We are so close to a cure for cancer it is pathetic. But if we find a simple cure then the doctors are out of business.
    If you go forward with this euthanizing then I am sure your family will miss you. I think prayers for a cure are not amiss.

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