A Dream Of Chinese And Russian Troops On U.S. Soil

For decades, men and women all over the world have been shown that someday there will be a great war that involves the United States on one side and China and Russia on the other.

Sadly, the United States will not win this war.

Someday, Russian and Chinese forces will occupy the United States, and it will be a complete and utter nightmare.

With all of this in mind, I would like to share a recurring dream that a Christian military veteran just sent to Steve Quayle

Steve I visit your site daily, I appreciate all the great work that you are
doing. I’ve been having this reoccurring nightmare for about a decade. I
believe its a warning, so I decided to share it.

I’m a born again Christian and 100% disabled veteran.

My nightmare begins with my wife and I driving down the mountain pass near
our home in a dire panic. We’re hoping to locate our grown daughter, and
granddaughter. I can’t stress the panic, fear, and terror that we are both

As we continue down the mountain, we can see NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain and
the nearby Army base, where I was stationed for years. Just to the East of
the areas I just described, all hell is being unleashed. As far as I can
see to the east, fire and brimstone are raining down to the earth.
Witnessing this, I know that anything above the ground is being totally
annihilated. Nothing could survive this.

Everything as far as I can see east of the front range of the Rocky’s is
being destroyed.

We find our daughter, but the military has taken control of all the
highways and is directing all traffic onto the nearby base. Here is where
it gets very dicey. The part of the base we were taken to is run by Chinese
soldiers. These soldiers are ruthless to say the least. In this nightmare,
even though i was in what appeared to be prison, or fema camp, I was being
shown Russian soldiers being used to round up Americans and delivering them
to the camp. The Chinese were running the camp.

I saw no US soldiers at any time, on what once was a US Fort. My wife, my
daughter and myself were interned in the camp. My granddaughter and son, I
have no knowledge of what has happened to them.

We are being starved and isolated, wondering our fate.

Then a Chinese guard enters our cell, I can see in his eyes and his
expression upon his face, what his intent is.

I make my move and begin strangling the guard.

When I know he is dead, I release him. I knew our fate was sealed when we
were taken, now I await for the next guard.

I awake from the nightmare, soaked in sweat, as I always do, I get out of
bed and reflect on what I just experienced.

Everyday I see what is happening within our government, within our borders,
and take into account the eye witness testimony of members of my own
family, and others who have seen Russian soldiers nearby, seen the growing
number of Chinese age military men, who speak no English, working in
warehouses nearby.

I watch as the coup attempt against our President advances with every day.
I think about the Chinese spy, driver, Senator Fienstein had for 2 decades.
I think about all the deaths connected to the Clinton’s, the sale of US
Uranium to Russia, with no consequences or justice for these crimes.

I could go on and on about what I have witnessed, perhaps later.

God Bless you Steve,

Thanks for all the warnings you have given to Gods remnant.

Time is short.

Your brother in Christ,