A Pipeline Of Criminals Into The United States

A relentless crime wave is raging all over America, and you would think that politicians from both major parties would be determined to do whatever they can to make things safer for all of us.  Unfortunately, that isn’t what is happening.  Our politicians have become so soft on crime, and violent criminals are often put right back into the streets even if they manage to get arrested.  So now our streets are absolutely teeming with predators, and conditions are getting worse with each passing year.  But apparently that isn’t enough for some of our politicians, and so they have opened up the floodgates and are allowing vast numbers of lawbreakers to come pouring across our borders.

Let me take this one step at a time.

According to Gallup, Americans now consider immigration to be the most important problem that we are facing as a nation…

Significantly more Americans name immigration as the most important problem facing the U.S. (28%) than did a month ago (20%). Immigration has now passed the government as the most often cited problem, after the two issues tied for the top position the past two months. The government ranked first each month from January through November 2023.

In the latest poll, 20% of Americans name the government as the most important problem, followed by the economy (12%) and inflation (11%). Immigration is the only issue that has shown meaningful change in the past month.

Without a doubt, a lot of those that have been migrating to this country are hard working people that are just searching for a better life.

But there are also many that are coming for other reasons.

According to Bloomberg, violent deaths have been plummeting in Venezuela “following years of massive migration”…

Venezuela’s rate of violent deaths dropped to its lowest level in more than two decades following years of massive migration as both criminals and victims fled the nation’s economic crisis.

The Venezuelan Violence Observatory registered 26.8 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants this year from a rate of 35.3 for every 100,000 habitants in 2022, Roberto Briceño León, director of the Observatory, said in a webcast Thursday. That’s its lowest since 2001 and is one-third of what it was in 2016, he added.

That is certainly good news for Venezuela.

But where did all of those violent criminals go?

Kristi Noem, who is one of the top candidates to be Donald Trump’s running mate, is claiming that Venezuela has been “emptying their prisons of dangerous criminals to send them to America”…

Nations like Venezuela are emptying their prisons of dangerous criminals to send them to America. They are happy to let America’s open border be the solution to their problem.

Of course this is not exactly a new allegation.

All the way back in 2022, Breitbart warned that this was happening…

A recent Department of Homeland Security intelligence report received by the Border Patrol instructs agents to look for Venezuelan inmates released from entering the U.S., according to a source within CBP. The report, reviewed by Breitbart Texas, indicates the Venezuelan government, under the leadership of Nicolás Maduro Moros, is purposely freeing inmates — including some convicted of murder, rape, and extortion.

The intelligence report warns agents the freed prisoners have been seen within migrant caravans traveling from Tapachula, Mexico toward the U.S.-Mexico border as recently as July. The source, not authorized to speak to the media, told Breitbart Texas the move is reminiscent of a similar action taken by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during the Mariel boat lift in the 1980s.

The report does not state whether the released prison inmates were traveling as a cohesive group but does state it was commonly shared knowledge among migrants traveling to the United States within a caravan in July that many of the Venezuelan migrants in the group were convicts and included hardened criminals.

If such allegations are actually true, this is a very, very serious threat to our country.

Violent criminals from Venezuela have certainly been popping up in the news a lot lately.  For example, a 32-year-old Venezuelan man just sexually assaulted a minor in Virginia

Authorities in Virginia have arrested a 32-year-old Venezuelan migrant in connection with a sexual assault on a minor, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Fox News.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office said that Renzo Mendoza Montes, 32, was arrested on Thursday, February 22, on two felony charges in connection with a sexual assault on a minor.

According to deputies, Mendoza is a Venezuelan citizen who is in the country illegally after being detained and released by US Customs and Border Patrol in El Paso, Texas, on September 2, 2023.

And by now all of you have probably heard about the tragic murder of nursing student Laken Riley in Georgia

Neighbors of the Venezuelan migrant accused of killing nursing student Laken Riley claimed he would watch the running path all day long and that he was seen on security cameras throwing out bloody clothes on the day of the attack.

Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, was arrested at his apartment complex near the running trail close to where Riley’s body was found last week.

Residents of the complex told NewsNation’s Alex Caprariello that their security cameras captured Ibarra disposing of evidence in the building’s dumpster, which they turned over to police.

If our borders were secure and our immigration laws were being enforced, these horrible tragedies and countless others may have been avoided.

This is why so many Americans consider immigration to be such an important issue.

We just want our families to be safe.

Our legal immigration process exists for a reason.  If people are going to come here, we should make sure that they aren’t violent criminals.

Is that too much to ask?

Right now, there is so much frustration about the immigration crisis that we are facing.  Earlier this week, Elon Musk expressed how he feels about all of this…

On Tuesday, Musk reacted to a report from Fox News’ Bill Melugin that Sen. Laphonza Butler, D-Calif., is requesting federal funds to provide more beds for a migrant shelter in San Diego. Butler said 800 to 1,000 migrants will be mass released daily if the bankrupt shelter does not gain access to additional funds.

“Dams are bursting all over the country,” Musk wrote in a post that quoted Melugin. “America is only 4% of Earth’s population. If only 1% of the rest of Earth moves here, that would crush all essential services.”

“I am ringing the alarm bell, because the flood of illegals is crushing the country!” the billionaire explained.

This crisis has exploded over the last several years, but it goes back a lot longer than that.

We have been doing things the wrong way for a very long time, and now we are paying an exceedingly high price for our foolishness.

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