A Report About Severe Shortages Coming For Major Retailers

I want to share with you something that was posted earlier today on GLP.  I want to stress that there is no way to confirm what this individual is telling us or that he is even who he says that he is.

But after reading what he had to say, I was concerned enough that I thought that I should share it with all of you.

Once again, this is a completely unconfirmed and unsubstantiated report, but it is consistent with other things that I have been hearing from around the nation…

Hi all

I’ve been an avid lurker on GLP for almost 10 years and finally decided to upgrade to a full membership to overcome bans. The info on this website related to COVID is unmatched

I run the Grocery department here in New Mexico at Target, and have been working retail for over 6 years.

I have never seen anything like this before. It’s getting worse as the days pass too. It all started last week on friday, when they shut the schools down in New Mexico. We got stampeded, they bought everything I had.

And we’re not getting more.

Sure, we get trucks in, but maybe only 1% of what was sold.

As soon as more product comes in, it’s gone faster then you can blink.

We’re not getting nearly enough replenishment, and more and more things sell out and more and more empty shelves are appearing.

We have absolutely no more water either

My frozen food is completely drained, literally. Not a waffle, frozen hamburger, chicken, fish in sight.

My backstock is completely gone. i have nothing to work out from the back onto the shelves.

This is a major crisis and will only get worse.

There will be NO uptick in the amount of trucks we get per week either.

We’ve been out of eggs since last week and they haven’t sent more.

I assume this will only get worse as time passes and more and more states lockdown.

Peoples shopping mentality has shifted from a daily/weekly buying to just outright hoarding. Due to this, many many many things are selling out FAR quicker than we can get more in.

I’ve talked to my vendors as well, since they travel to more than just one store. They said its the same story everywhere they go.

I hope you have stocked up fellas, this can only get worse. If you haven’t stocked up, and you run across food/water, STOCK UP.

Thank you for all you do guys, this is my contribution back to you.