A Testimony From A Young Man That Was Radically Saved And Miraculously Delivered From Drugs

I have already shared a couple of dreams that were given to a young believer named Sean Harper, but today I would like to share his testimony with you.

He recently sent his testimony to me in a personal email, and I asked him if I could share it on this website.  He said that was okay, and my hope that it will encourage many others to find the Lord.

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The following is Sean’s remarkable testimony…

Hello Michael,

To start off my testimony, I believe a little background to who I used to be is needed. At the moment, I am twenty three years old. The Lord saved my life at age 19.

When I was in public schools, I was made fun of every day. I got to the point where I was tired of being bullied so I began to deal drugs and use drugs as an escape. As long as I did that, I had control over my bullies, but I became greedy, immoral, hateful and I was liar. During this time I was an honor student. About a year into dealing, I started getting large shipments of various drugs, mainly hallucinogens. I remember being so consumed with the demonic realm. I had no idea how far I slipped into it. I would see demons in my dreams, and remember the intense rage I felt. I was scared of my own mind and what I would think about. I only share this part of the testimony so you may know what the Lord delivered me from.

My mother is a believer and prayed intensely for me during this time. She prayed over all my belongings, my car and tried to lay hands but I refused. She would tell me that she loved me but the demons she saw were too much for her to bear. During this time I was friends with a pastor’s son. I would regularly go over to their house. They would tell me about God but I never saw the power of the Holy Spirit. I mocked them and made fun of them. Even my mom I made fun of when she prayed. I was so full of evil.

I was arrested on the Eides of March or March 15, 2013 by drug task force at school. I was questioned intensely due to my high drug trafficking connection background. I faced a 30 year prison sentence if I did not confess my crimes. I was only 16 at the time and 17 when I began probation/parole. By the grace of God, I was allowed to be tried as a juvenile in juvenile court and served a year of probation. I was a high watch target by the local area police. During this time, I scored very high on my GED and ACT/SAT scores while maintaining a job and community service. I was accepted into college at age 17. I maintained a 4.0 while in probation so they released me and dropped my prior charges in May of 2014.

On the day of the last final for my sophomore year of college, I severely dislocated my shoulder out of socket. The injury was a repeat injury during my drug days in school where I had dislocated my arm but never went to the doctor for fear of the drugs I was on.

In April of 2015, my shoulder was ripped out of socket via tearing my labrum and various muscle groups. I went a month without pain medication and was on bed rest because the pain was more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced. A week before my surgery, my right shoulder dislocated due to continuous stress. The surgeon who repaired my shoulders said I was the worse case of shoulder instability she had ever seen. She happens to be the Winter Olympian’s surgeon. I had just about every muscle connecting to the shoulder joint either shortened or reconnected to my socket. My pec, lats and rotator cuff were shot. During this time, the physical therapy department told me that insurance denied my claims after my second surgery for my right side. The total came to be $25,000-$30,000 of out of pocket expenses. It was an extremely tense time for my family.

I was only 19 at the time and was told my life would never be the same. My parents had to bathe me, and take care of many of my needs because of the life readjustment and rehab. The depression became so intense that I could no longer smile. The only thing I could think about was ending my life from the hell I was in. All my friends walked away, and I felt so alone. During this time, my mom would play Jim Bakker and Perry Stone. I would see people such as Jonathan Cahn reveal how God played such an important role in our lives, our nation and how Jesus is coming back soon. While I iced my shoulders, I would watch these shows acting uninterested. I would sneak into the kitchen just to hear Perry Stone talk about Jesus’s great love for us. I will never forget the scripture 2nd Corinthians 12:9. “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”

During this time I could not get Jesus out of my head. On October 21,2015, I was ready to commit suicide. I prepared drugs and my gun so that I would take the drugs and then shoot myself to ensure I would die. Before taking the drugs, I went into the shower. I asked God, “God I hear you are a God who heals, who restores what was lost. God I need help with my finances. I need help with joy. I can’t smile anymore, I can’t do what I once did. Jesus, please, I don’t know what to do. Enter my life and I will do whatever you ask me to! Please enter my life Lord Jesus! I repent! I repent of all the evil I’ve committed. Enter my life Jesus!”

In that moment I felt in the power of the Holy Spirit so intensely. I cried on my knees with trembling because it felt like my guilt and the weights on my life were washed away in that moment. Most nights I only slept 2-4 hours. That night I slept for 10 hours. That very morning, I went to physical therapy. The head of the department was a believer who had cancer at the time. He told me that during prayer the Lord placed me on his heart to give me my whole right shoulder therapy for free. He told me that morning that my smile and energy is just what he needed to keep going. In that morning I ran through the department praising Jesus for the miracle He just worked in my life.

I knew nothing of scripture at the time. However, all the preachers I watched read from Revelation, or they would bring up the last days constantly. I wanted to know all I could so I began with Revelation. Needless to say I didn’t understand the book, but I saw supernaturalism I never heard of in church. It opened my eyes to see the Bible was much more than I ever knew. I heard to understand Revelation one had to read the Old Testament prophetic books, so I began to read Isiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Zechariah.

On October 26, 2015, I began to reread Revelation. I asked God to open the eyes of my understanding. To open my ears to hear. I remember reading about the false prophet and Antichrist. I asked the Lord, “Jesus I see you must return when these men take the world stage. Are we truly in the hour of your coming? Who are these men?”

That day I fasted from everything. Not eating or drinking anything but water. Here is the dream that came.

I found myself in a giant desert with a glorious sunset. The colors had every hue from orange to blue to green. As if the Northern lights encompassed the sky. All my senses were fully activated. I could smell rain in the desert. An incense of rain that I have a hard time describing as it smelled so pure. As I looked, a giant pillar of light descended from the sky. As the pillar descended, lights starting falling from the sky. These lights landed with intense force causing sand to rise in the air. As I looked upon the lights, they had human form but no detailed appearance. I cried out, “What is happening!? What am I seeing!?”

As soon as I spoke, an angel far bigger than the rest appeared directly in front of me. I could do nothing but tremble and fall on my face. I felt utterly powerless. As David when he trembled on his knees before the Lord’s presence. I knew this angel was not the Lord, but a High ranking angel. I was told, “Look up!,” so I looked at the angel. I had to cover my face because the light coming from the being was beyond that of the sun.

He then spoke this message with the most thunderous/booming voice I have ever heard.

“Beware the angel of death. Beware the False Prophet! For the time has come and is fast approaching!”

I awoke directly after. I tried sending the message to many, including Jim Bakker at the time. Right around that time, you were a guest on the show.

I pray you know I do not share this testimony with the dream or what the Lord has done in my life to boast of what I’ve done, but what Christ has done in me. Overall I pray you know I do not share these dreams with just anyone because I got tired of those who are only dream seekers rather than Christ seekers. Many in the church have fallen to New Age deception so they seek diviners and soothsayers, but I am not one and only share what I hear the Spirit of the Lord share with me in the deep sleep of the night.

Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony and for reading through it. I will send the dreams concerning the fall season, famine and war coming to America, with a dream the Lord revealed after for encouragement.


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