A Vision Of Chinese Troops On American Soil

Over the years, God has given so many people dreams and visions of Chinese troops on American soil.

I didn’t realize this, but Nita Johnson says that the very first revelation that she was given about America’s future involved Chinese troops…

I had been in a time of fasting and prayer about the future of our country. The Lord decided at that time to give me the first of many revelations about our tumultuous future. I saw soldiers from China as they were moving across America. I saw some of them go up a hill to a Christian’s home, force the man out of his home and try to make him deny his faith in Christ. When he wouldn’t do it, they beat him to death before my eyes. So, I was taught that America will be under siege by China. During the course of that siege, there will be Christians who will give their lives for Christ. [Matthew 24]