A Warning About The Coronavirus

COVID-19 spreads so easily from person to person, but a lot of people out there are not taking this pandemic seriously.

Just recently, a reader named Tony Campisi emailed me a warning about the coronavirus that he received, and he said that I could share it with all of you…

Hi Michael,

This is Tony Campisi From Long Island New York.

Over the years I’ve emailed you and we have spoken.

I am no prophet but over the 45 years I have been a believer there have been times I knew The Lord was talking and directing me.

When he told me Judi was to be my wife 43 years ago. When he told me to refinance my home and get rid of all consumer debt about 5 years ago.When, through you, he instructed me to prepare with enough items for the times to come.
Just this past June he told me to begin to liquidate my half of my business, draw all funds that were mine, pay off my mortgage and retire by December. This was not a light thing He said but a real urgency that Judi didn’t understand but trusted in my judgement.

Of course I did all these things.

I wanted to tell you something that happened the other day, I know was from the Lord about this coronavirus

I had just pulled into my driveway after going to the supermarket for a few items I wanted try to get.

As is normal for this time of the year my eye was tearing. I hadn’t yet washed my hands and I went to wipe away the tear from my eye.

In no uncertain terms He said NO! Almost hollering. Don’t do that. It enters through the eye.

Now I know this is no big revelation that you shouldn’t touch your eyes but I did once again hear an urgency.

It wasn’t don’t touch your face or anything else. He was very specific. The Eye.

I felt to pass this to you, as I did to as many would accept it, because I respect your deep faith and the your gift to discern faith from foolishness.