According To A Shocking New Report, Christian Persecution Has Almost Reached “Genocide Levels” In Some Parts Of The World

Christian persecution is rising with each passing year, and this is something that this website has been heavily documenting.  In fact, not too long ago we wrote an article about the fact that there are now 105 attacks on Christian churches and Christian buildings every single month worldwide.

Well, now a stunning new report is claiming that Christian persecution has nearly reached “genocide levels” in some areas of the globe.  The following comes from Fox News

Political correctness contributes to alarming anti-Christian hostility around the world and caters to the terrorists trying to eradicate Christianity, an expert on religious persecution told Fox News.

The interim findings of a report, which was released last month and commissioned by British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, shows that anti-Christian hostility is not only spreading geographically but also in severity, in some areas “coming close to meeting the international definition of genocide.”