An 83 Year Old Woman Gets A Prophetic Vision Of The Dirty State Of The Church Body Before Christ Returns

(Previously published by Meranda Devan Snyder)

Meranda’s Note ( My friend gave this to me several weeks ago, and what do you know, it is published on the evening when Feast of Trumpets is completed.  The very festival where Yeshua calls us up for the great supper some day…at the sound of the trumpet)

(Emphasis in bold copied from the letter)

The Testimony of an 83 year old Colombian woman
(translated from Spanish)

This servant of God was raised in the church and in the Word of God. While she was sitting on her bed praying for the church, and for the imminent return of Christ, suddenly she was caught up in heaven, while her body continued immobile on her bed. From heaven above, she looked down and saw thousands and thousands of demons on the earth that she found painful to see.

She said it was horrible.

Then she saw a door that was completely open, and when she entered, she saw an army of
innumerable angels to her right and to her left. And in the middle, she saw One who was
radiant, sitting on a white horse. He had a crown on his head, and on his thighs was written King of kings and Lord of Lords. His face was so radiant that she was not able to see him, but understood because of the word and the crown, that He in truth was King of kings and Lord of Lords – Jesus.

In the midst of this she saw even more angels, even more numerous, that ran
around some tables in a place that was immensely large.

This sister understood what was happening around her when Jesus took her and told her,

“These angels run because they need to hurry to prepare the wedding dinner. Everything is
ready. The order has been given by my Father. Since now, everything has been arranged
through God.

She asked him, “But what is the significance of these demons that I saw on earth?”
Jesus responded, “In my word it is written, that in the last days demons will propagate on the earth like never before. And, now, they are being proliferated on the earth. That is why the world is in such an agitated situation. These demons want to destroy my people. They want suffering, they want torment, they want to take and distract, so that no one will be ready for my return.”

“But Lord, what will happen to your people? These demons are so horrible!” She exclaimed.

Then the Lord lifted her up and said, “Look!” And she saw a great army of angels that could not be counted. He said, “Look at my army! It is all powerful! But, we need to free my people. Only those that have accepted me as their personal savior and Lord of their life, and did it with all of their heart, will be protected.”

Then this sister asked him, “But Lord, all the people down below, aren’t they all yours?”
Jesus took her into a room full of mirrors. After He gave her a white coat, He pointed out how the robe appeared white and pure, but up close it was a robe full of small stains, very small and indiscernible, and she was saddened because the stains represented the sin. And she started to cry, because her robe was dirty.

At that moment, Jesus came into the room and told her, “Do you see, my daughter?

Despite the fact that you were born in the church, and that you were raised up in the Gospel, and that you are my servant, and that your knees have been damaged because you have not stopped praying, in spite of all of this, there are things that I do not find pleasing in you. You need to cleanse yourself.

Then He told her, “I’m going to show you, yours is something more strong.”

He took her to the church that she actually attended. It was during a day of service. The church was filled with people, and he told her, “Listen, my daughter, I observe all the services; and, as you yourself can see, there is no robe that is perfectly white, and the dirtiest robes belong to the elders and the leaders. Pay close attention.”

She looked and saw that everyone had dirty robes, and some of them were torn, others were dark and full of stains. And she noticed that those in the worst condition belonged to the elders and leaders.

She was very surprised by this vision, and began to cry, because in her church, there was not one who had a white garment.

Suddenly, everyone raised their hands to worship and praise the Lord, and their hands were filled with blood.

Jesus told her, “This blood that you see on their hands is the blood of sin that has just been
committed; a fresh sin. It is not the blood of Jesus that cleanses and purifies from sin. This is what is impeding the adoration from reaching the throne of grace.”

Jesus touched the heads of the people, and suddenly their thoughts were made audible. Their thoughts were far from being converted to the Lord. They were praising God, but their thoughts were on the things of their daily life. They were on dating, on sending e-mails, on their house, others were thinking of their cars, and others were thinking of their children, etc., until the service was over.

Jesus told her, “See, the thoughts of the people of the church have not been converted to my Father, but on daily living, and of this world. It’s because of this that the worship of this church won’t go to my throne. They are not preoccupied with my kingdom, or my return.”

Jesus took her by the hand, and took her to a different church in the world, and he told her, “This church I have never visited because I didn’t order its opening. This is one that was birthed by satan.”

Then they visited many churches throughout the world, and she asked him, “But Lord, then how will they be saved?”

Jesus responded, “Those who are cleansed, and their robes are washed white through my blood, can be saved.” And he took her so that she could see a panoramic view of all the churches. And suddenly she looked and saw Jesus, who was crying bitterly. She was very moved at the sight of the Lord crying in this manner. “But Lord,” she said, “you’re crying more than I am.” And He said, “Yes, my daughter. The worst is that everyone thinks that they are saved.”

She said, “But, Lord, what is the purpose of this vision that you have shown me?”
He responded, “Listen!” Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. And the sound intensified more and more. “Do you hear, my daughter?”

She responded, “Yes, Lord. It’s the sound of a clock.”

He said, “Listen again.” Tick tock, tick tock. And the clock stopped. He said, “Do you hear?” She answered, “The sound stopped.”

And Jesus said to her, “Go and tell my church, that the time is up. Tell the churches that time has run out.”