Apocalypse Alert: Scientists Warned of Rising Superbugs that Potentially Could Wipe-out Humanity

Apocalyptic Disaster - Public Domain

But what really scared health officials is that majority of the “of the babies referred to us have multi-drug resistant infections,” the report added.

Also in 2013, hundreds of thousands of Americans succumbed to the fatal assault of “nightmare bacteria” that antibiotics failed to neutralise.

Among the diseases that scientists believed have developed strains against antibiotics are the sexually-transmitted gonorrhoea and tuberculosis, the latter initially believed as already extinguished decades ago.

As the bacteria appears to have become smarter, health officials in the United Kingdom warned of dire consequences if the bacteria advancement is not hacked away soon.

Superbugs on a wild rampage will lead to an apocalyptic scenario – humans dying by the thousands or at a much higher rate – a UK official told Business Insider.

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