2 thoughts on “Australia Has Fallen”

  1. You are extremely irresponsible hope all your woke anti vacc etc followers may learn something (maybe thats if they are not all stupid )from your YOU TUBE rant that Australia is ”deadly”serious about covid especially the delta variety which is not going away too soon
    If all the woke self centred people had ADHERED to the early basic measures in place to prevent spread and not been part of anti vaccs , anti lockdown” I want my freedom” protesters these extreme measures would not have developed and become necessary and law which is now in place there to prevent DEATH from covid and rapid uncontrolled spread Its becoming the young unvaccinated that are dying ie yesterday an example in sydney 30 yrs old! and there are others too Imagine if they were the youth who fought and died for us during the second world war 5yrs +of deprivation god help us Hitler would certainly have won if wokies existed then

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