1 thought on “Award Winning Journalist Michael Yon Shares What He Personally Witnessed At The U.S. Capitol On January 6th…”

  1. Wow, this is another case of “look what they made me do” finger-pointing. You have a handful of nut jobs lead a crowd of thousands. Where were all the patriots to stop these guys and what about the patriots with “flex cuffs’ to arrest members of congress? What about patriot groups disguised as Antifa to start the takeover and blame Antifa & BLM. Even if it is true as reported, it still does not excuse the mindless mob following the lead of a few in acts of lawlessness. Talk about a lack of discernment and moral judgment. This is not 1776 and America has nothing to do with the coming kingdom of God. We have all these false prophets who promised Trump would have a second term that there would be the last second miracle. Trump and Flynn lied because they both believed these false prophets. Watch, https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2020/11/24/here-are-12-christian-preachers-who-wrongly-predicted-trumps-re-election/ then read Jeremiah 14. This is exactly was Israel’s problem and the curses coming on us is exactly the same famine, plague, and death promised by God to Israel. And we are surprised all this is happening? God is Judging His Church and this nation but judgment begins with the House of God.

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