British man, 20, will be the first to give BIRTH thanks to sperm donor he found on Facebook

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Hayden, who lives in Gloucester and is four months pregnant, said: “I want the baby to have the best.


“I’ll be the greatest dad.”

Dad-to-be Hayden found a sperm donor on Facebook to make himself pregnant after putting his gender change on hold.

Hayden, born a girl 20 years ago, had lived as a man for three years and was taking male hormones — but was desperate to have a baby.

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  • oUCH

    Technical point.. “he” is not a man. “He” is a biological woman who is confused enough to be living like a man and going through hormone therapy. So, no Virginia.. there is not a Santa Claus and no, men can not have babies. No matter what our sick society would like you to believe.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    The headline is a lie. You are losing credibility with me Michael. Sensationalist reporting should be beneath the Christian ethic. Yet you continue to do it. One more time and you lose my eyeballs for good. Tell me you don’t care and I will be on my way today.

  • The Lord’s Coming